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Wash up   /wɑʃ əp/   Listen
Wash up

Wash one's face and hands.  Synonym: lave.
Carry somewhere (of water or current or waves).
Wash dishes.  Synonym: do the dishes.
Be carried somewhere by water or as if by water.
Wear out completely.  Synonyms: beat, exhaust, tucker, tucker out.  "I'm beat" , "He was all washed up after the exam"

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"Wash up" Quotes from Famous Books

... go there. Let's talk of something pleasant. What do you say we get a light supper down here. Anybody that wants to go home and dress can do it only he has to hustle. She wants us to wear our scout suits anyway, she said so. I say let's get a few eats down here and then wash up and all hike it up ...
— Pee-Wee Harris Adrift • Percy Keese Fitzhugh

... if you will excuse me, I will run out for an hour or so; I have some little matters to attend to down street. You will find a small bamboo tub in the next room, when you finish eating, in which you can wash up your cup and saucer, ...
— May Brooke • Anna H. Dorsey

... completely that it never prided itself on being democratic. Mrs. Henkel, proprietor of the boarding-house, occasionally grew sarcastic to her student waiters as she stooped, red-faced and loosened of hair, over the range; she did suggest that they "kindly wash up a few of the dishes now and then before they went gallivantin' off." But songs arose from the freshmen washing and wiping dishes; they chucklingly rehashed jokes; they discussed the value of the "classical course" versus the ...
— The Trail of the Hawk - A Comedy of the Seriousness of Life • Sinclair Lewis

... clamant disapproval, each one of us urging an unquestionable claim to the guardianship of the orphan Menace. The Steward said he was the only one with the ghost of a right to the dog; had it not always been the Menace's custom to help him wash up the plates and dishes? A Deck Hand, however, protested that as he had eaten one of his mittens the Silent Menace was already in part his property. The Mate and the Second-Engineer nearly came to blows ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 156., March 5, 1919 • Various

... the little princes and princesses, with a palace full of servants to wait on them, had all these offices of the toilet performed for them; but what do you think of common working folks going about from house to house to help each other wash up for the day? Fancy having a neighbor step in bright and early to wash your face and hands for you, or give you a sponge-bath, or a ...
— Miss Elliot's Girls • Mrs Mary Spring Corning

... way up a back stairs and to the room occupied that term by Tubbs and some other students. They met the dudish student, half dressed, going to the lavatory to wash up. ...
— The Rover Boys in New York • Arthur M. Winfield

... an exciting operation. To wash up in August became for Noel a process which taxed her strength and enthusiasm. She combined it with other forms of instruction in the art of nursing, had very little leisure, and in the evenings at home would often fall asleep curled up in a large ...
— Forsyte Saga • John Galsworthy

... box,—with a social education, moreover, so advanced that the dancing—mistress had invariably made you waltz alone round the room for the edification and instruction of the assembled company,—if all you had to do at home was to dust and wash up, and die with envy of girls with reprobate fathers? As she pondered the question, Lucy began to handle the cups with a more and more ...
— The History of David Grieve • Mrs. Humphry Ward

... came out for a pailful of water to wash up the tea- things, she found a pink and white pie-dish lying smashed in the middle of the yard. The patty-pan was under the pump, where Dr ...
— A Collection of Beatrix Potter Stories • Beatrix Potter

... getting money, Constance should be exempt from aiding and abetting; but as it is, it is different. There will be no disgrace in her becoming a governess; and Helstonleigh will never think it so. She is a lady always, and so she would be if she were to turn to and wash up ...
— The Channings • Mrs. Henry Wood

... "To wash up these things, of course. You don't suppose I'm going to leave a lot of dirty things in the house, do you? While I'm doing that you might stick labels on ...
— Buried Alive: A Tale of These Days • Arnold Bennett

... "Go down there and wash up, if you want to—I don't care. Only promise me you'll come around. I want you to see me make a show of myself. You'll have a good laugh—you old grouch," he added, with sudden good humor, "and after it's over we'll go up to my house and have a ...
— Tom Slade with the Colors • Percy K. Fitzhugh

... took the whole lot of things after him. His burden prevented his shutting the door behind him—as he would have done; I never saw such a man for shutting doors—and I followed him into a very dirty underground kitchen and scullery. I had the pleasure of seeing him begin to wash up, and then, finding no good in keeping down there, and the brick floor being cold on my feet, I returned upstairs and sat in his chair by the fire. It was burning low, and scarcely thinking, I put ...
— The Invisible Man • H. G. Wells

... a hat and a coat. We'll stop at the next barber-shop. You wash up and get shaved. We'll wait. Then ...
— Sundown Slim • Henry Hubert Knibbs

... can put things in order, and wash up the new china. The old set needs washing also, for my last girl was apt to leave it in a sad state after ...
— Little Men - Life at Plumfield With Jo's Boys • Louisa May Alcott

... done it. I was that took! Forty year, and she ain't never throwed s'much as a dish pan at me. I wa'n't lookin' for no sech thing at my time o' life, young man. So when I come in to wash up for supper, I sez to my woman, 'Hello, Het,' sez I, an' she up an' screeched an' fetched ...
— The Gay Rebellion • Robert W. Chambers

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