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Verbalise   Listen

Be verbose.  Synonym: verbalize.
Express in speech.  Synonyms: mouth, speak, talk, utter, verbalize.  "This depressed patient does not verbalize"
Articulate; either verbally or with a cry, shout, or noise.  Synonyms: express, give tongue to, utter, verbalize.  "He uttered a curse"
Convert into a verb.  Synonym: verbalize.

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Words linked to "Verbalise" :   snarl, spout, shout out, outcry, ejaculate, generalize, snap, falter, whine, piffle, clamor, pour out, state, rasp, cry, talk of, breathe, yap away, call out, intone, drop, whisper, mouth off, gulp, talk, hurl, mussitate, stutter, tell, enthuse, speak up, vocalize, siss, curse, begin, modulate, jaw, tone, wish, blubber out, tittle-tattle, raise, cry out, phonate, chant, sibilate, rant, open up, stammer, gibber, twaddle, whiff, drone on, yack, marvel, present, mumble, platitudinize, sizz, speech, mutter, vocalise, talk about, verbalisation, slur, blaspheme, get off, peep, lip off, bumble, cuss, blurt out, bark, cackle, say, chatter, clack, shout, shoot one's mouth off, language, communicate, tattle, rabbit on, palaver, represent, voice, bay, read, blunder out, yack away, prattle, exclaim, rattle on, pooh-pooh, throw, snivel, rave, babble, drone, hiss, convert, blurt, intercommunicate, troll, blubber, clamour, generalise, sing, deliver, gabble, blabber, maunder, speak in tongues, blunder, jabber, imprecate, vociferate, prate, inflect, murmur, swear, blab, swallow

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