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Unpleasant person   /ənplˈɛzənt pˈərsən/   Listen
Unpleasant person

A person who is not pleasant or agreeable.  Synonym: disagreeable person.

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Words linked to "Unpleasant person" :   cunt, crosspatch, worm, pain in the neck, devil, crumb, turkey, pain, whoreson, nag, grumbler, bellyacher, snorter, fiend, prig, dickhead, critic, barbarian, rotter, sob, aggravator, persona non grata, swellhead, stinker, dirt ball, disagreeable person, scorner, monster, vulgarian, tike, louse, sneak, peasant, dirty dog, weirdo, weirdie, pawer, prima donna, creep, bastard, Goth, joker, mocker, skunk, asshole, scoffer, grabber, moaner, cynic, arriviste, weirdy, disagreeable woman, crank, grump, common scold, egotist, puritan, snoot, whiner, bitch, cold fish, tyke, cocksucker, scolder, boor, jeerer, faultfinder, alienator, puke, prude, oppressor, sneerer, selfish person, pharisee, unpleasant woman, complainer, unwelcome person, son of a bitch, parvenu, ogre, motherfucker, nagger, spook, pill, sniveller, nuisance, stinkpot, shit, scold, so-and-so, snot, git, lowlife, crybaby, bore, incubus, squawker, snob, flouter, grouch, mother fucker, insect, anathema, demon, churl, prick, bete noire, egoist, nouveau-riche, rat, bum, scum bag, upstart, dullard, annoyance

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