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Unmoving   Listen

Not in motion.  Synonym: nonmoving.
Not arousing emotions.

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"Unmoving" Quotes from Famous Books

... waiting boat, by wreaths of the sea's making Mist-garlanded, with all grey weeds of the water crowned. There you'll be laid, past fear of sleep or hope of waking; And over the unmoving sea, ...
— The Collected Poems of Rupert Brooke • Rupert Brooke

... streams, one a large one, which I now think must have been the North Platte; but no river ran as we fancied the Platte must run. So we kept on, until we came one day to a spot whence we saw something low and unmoving and purple, far off in the northwest. This we studied, and so at length saw that it was the mountains. At last our journeying would change, at least, perhaps terminate ere long. A few more days would bring us within touch of this distant range, which, as I suppose now, might possibly have ...
— The Way of a Man • Emerson Hough

... out of luck. Apparently word had gone out of Kramer's arrest, and the corridor was clogged with men. They stood unmoving ...
— Greylorn • John Keith Laumer

... no change. Nothing was overhead, nothing under foot, nothing on either hand, but the same pale, faint, bluish glimmer. She wept at last, then grew very angry, and then sullen; but nobody heeded whether she cried or laughed. It was all the same to the cold unmoving twilight that rounded her. On and on went the dreary hours—or did they go at all?—"no change, no pause, no hope;"—on and on till she FELT she was forgotten, and then she grew strangely still and ...
— A Double Story • George MacDonald

... something impressive—something almost regal—in this manner of hers; it was rather frightening in those lonely places, which were so forgotten, so gray, so closed in. There was something of the past world about the hanging woods, the little veils of unmoving mist—as if time did not exist in those furrows of the great world; and one was so absolutely alone; anything might have happened. I grew weary of the sound of my tongue. But when I wanted to cease, I found she had on me the effect of ...
— The Inheritors • Joseph Conrad

... he shook his fingers with joy. He heard the Hartwig family discursively lumbering up to bed. He stood at the door, unmoving, till the house was quiet, while Mother nervously hung their farewell note on the electric light, and slipped into her overcoat and the small black hat that was no longer new and would scarce be ...
— The Innocents - A Story for Lovers • Sinclair Lewis

... confines of his wonted prison. He shrinks to invest himself with the gored bosom, and the fibres from which death had separated him. Unhappy wretch, to whom death had not given the privilege to die! Erichtho, impatient at the unlooked-for delay, lashes the unmoving corpse with one of her serpents. She calls anew on the powers of hell, and threatens to pronounce the dreadful name, which cannot be articulated without consequences never to be thought of, nor without the direst necessity to ...
— The Haunters & The Haunted - Ghost Stories And Tales Of The Supernatural • Various

... a breath of flame, met him from the east and passed. Then he realized that the atmosphere had thickened, as if an opaque cloud of heat had enveloped the earth. He glanced at the sky and saw that it was strewn with fragmentary clouds, but a little south and east of him was the pillar, unmoving and ...
— The Yoke - A Romance of the Days when the Lord Redeemed the Children - of Israel from the Bondage of Egypt • Elizabeth Miller

... He sat there unmoving for a while, and then he picked up his blowstring and fitted the mouthpiece between his thin lips. He blew into it softly and at the same time gently strummed the three strings stretching the length of the instrument. ...
— I Like Martian Music • Charles E. Fritch

... They may and shall assuredly become When all the laws that God through Nature speaks Are kept unbroken! * * * * * * She had now returned, And heaven resounded with angelic songs. Before me lay the cold, unmoving form; Above me lived the joyous, happy one! And who should sorrow? Sure, not I; not she; Not any one! For death,—there was no death,— But that which men called death was life more real Than heart had o'er conceived or ...
— Town and Country, or, Life at Home and Abroad • John S. Adams

Words linked to "Unmoving" :   inert, unexciting, sitting, frozen, moving, nonmoving, stationary, set, fixed, inactive, becalmed, static, still, stock-still, unemotional, rigid, motion, immobile, motionless, unaffecting, unstimulating, rooted

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