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Tempo   /tˈɛmpˌoʊ/   Listen

(pl. tempos, tempi)
(music) the speed at which a composition is to be played.  Synonym: pacing.
The rate of some repeating event.  Synonym: pace.

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"Tempo" Quotes from Famous Books

... white. She is somewhat deaf but understands questions asked her, responding with animation. She walks with one crutch, being lame in the right leg. On events of the long ago her mind is quite clear. Recalling the Confederate "sojers, marchin', marchin'" to the drums, she beat a tempo on the floor with her crutch. As she described how the hands of slaves were tied before they were whipped for ...
— Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States • Various

... ("Amor, misterioso angelo"), a quaint song in waltz time, the melody being that of an old Spanish song by Tradier, called "El Aveglito." A serious duet between Michaela and Don Jose ("Mia madre io la rivedo") follows, which is very tender in its character. The next striking number is the dance tempo, "Presso il bastion de Seviglia," a seguidilla sung by Carmen while bewitching Don Jose. In the finale, as she escapes, the Havanaise, which is the Carmen motive, ...
— The Standard Operas (12th edition) • George P. Upton

... this sense involves the responsibility of having the music performed at the correct tempo, with appropriate dynamic effects, with precise attacks and releases, and in a fitting spirit. This in turn implies that many details have been worked out in rehearsal, these including such items as making certain that all performers sing or play the correct tones in the correct ...
— Essentials in Conducting • Karl Wilson Gehrkens

... in Rome, Bianca and Pizzicato repaired to their father's brother-in-law, who was well known as a lavish entertainer. He was one Rapidamente Tempo di Valse, a widower, living with his two sons, Lento and Comprino, handsome lads both in the first flush of manhood, and both destined to fall victims to Bianca's compelling attractions. Contemporary history informs us that Bianca stayed in ...
— Terribly Intimate Portraits • Noel Coward

... Joedy were thrilled. They adored the tales of his twelve battles and the hole in his knee, even more than their mother had before them, being younger and boys. It was as lovely a land as I had remembered it, only, of course, there were changes. The motor showed that. I should not say that the tempo of life had been quickened so much as that its radius had been widened, or that the focus was different; the old spell was the same. To reconcile the past and the present, I have thought of a beautiful compromise. Why not a motor ...
— The Smiling Hill-Top - And Other California Sketches • Julia M. Sloane

... sleep-tune blend with the play-tune, Weaving the mystical spell of the dance; Lighten the deep tune, soften the gay tune, Mingle a tempo that turns in a trance. Half of it sighing, half of it smiling, Smoothly it swings, with a triplicate beat; Calling, replying, yearning, beguiling, Wooing the heart and bewitching the feet. Every drop of blood Rises ...
— Music and Other Poems • Henry van Dyke

... haver thesoro, Over diletto, o segue onore e stato, Ponga la mano a questa chioma d' oro, Ch' io porto in fronte, e quel fara beato. Ma quando ha il destro a far cotal lavoro, Non prenda indugio, che 'l tempo passato Piu non ritorna, e non si trova mai; Ed io mi volto, e ...
— Gryll Grange • Thomas Love Peacock

... place in the "Nuptial Album" of Haslinger. Perhaps the continuous pedal D-flat will amuse you. The thing ought properly to be played in an American rocking- chair with a Nargileh for accompaniment, in tempo comodissimo con sentimento, so that the player may, willy-nilly, give himself up to a dreamy condition, rocked by the regular movement of the chair-rhythm. It is only when the B-flat minor comes in that there are a couple of painful accents...But ...
— Letters of Franz Liszt, Volume 1, "From Paris to Rome: - Years of Travel as a Virtuoso" • Franz Liszt; Letters assembled by La Mara and translated

... work, for all its surface robustness and right-thinking (which has at least the advantage that it will secure for this 'epic of fox-hunting' a place in the library of every country house), is as deeply debilitated by reaction as any of our time. Its colour is hectic; its tempo feverish. He has sought the healing virtue where he believed it undefiled, in that miraculous English country whose magic (as Mr Masefield so well knows) is in Shakespeare, and whose strong rhythm is in Hardy. But the virtue eludes all conscious inquisition. The man who seeks it feverishly ...
— Aspects of Literature • J. Middleton Murry

... began to get real good, the fast tempo and exaggerated facial expressions actually helping it. By the time the Dagger Scene came along I was digging my fingernails into my sweaty palms. Which was a good thing—my eating up the play, I mean—because it kept me from looking at ...
— No Great Magic • Fritz Reuter Leiber

... of bed and dressed at a grave tempo. He wore always the same shirt, a woollen one, and his wardrobe knew no change. It was faded, out of fashion by a full half-century, and his only luxury a silk comforter which he knotted loosely about his neck. He had never worn a collar ...
— Melomaniacs • James Huneker

... desks at the back of the orchestra. Lamoureux had laboriously rehearsed every inch of his repertory until it was note-perfect, and each of his men knew the precise bowing, phrasing, degree of piano or forte, and tempo of every minutest phrase. Now I do not mean by this that the orchestras on which Richter and Mottl performed played many wrong notes, while the Lamoureux orchestra played none; and still less do I mean that Lamoureux got ...
— Old Scores and New Readings • John F. Runciman

... audible; and simultaneously the utter darkness was relieved by a tinge of red so dark as to be barely perceptible, while a peculiar somber fragrance pervaded the atmosphere. The music rapidly ran the gamut to the limit of audibility and, in the same tempo, the lights traversed the visible spectrum and disappeared. Then came a crashing chord and a vivid flare of blended light; ushering in an indescribable symphony of sound and color, accompanied by a slower succession ...
— Skylark Three • Edward Elmer Smith

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