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Swell up   /swɛl əp/   Listen
Swell up

Expand abnormally.  Synonyms: intumesce, swell, tumefy, tumesce.

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"Swell up" Quotes from Famous Books

... and imagines that what is easily and cheaply obtained cannot be of much value. The knowledge of this peculiar mode of reasoning on his part, has very often induced officers to put down very trifling contusions, such as a prize-fighter would despise, to swell up the sum total of the loss to the aggregate ...
— The King's Own • Captain Frederick Marryat

... with active amoeboid movements, and increases in size, attacks a succession of corpuscles, and finally attains a size as large as or larger than a corpuscle. The corpuscles attacked become pale by the destruction of haemoglobin, swell up and disintegrate, the haemoglobin becoming converted into granules of black pigment inside the parasite. Having attained a definite size the organism forms a rosette and divides into a number of forms similar to the smallest seen inside the corpuscles; these small forms ...
— Disease and Its Causes • William Thomas Councilman

... peninsula of Charlestown (called from a village of the same name), which lies opposite to the north side of Boston. The heights, which swell up in rear of the village, overlook the town and shipping. The project was conceived in the besieging camp to seize and occupy those heights. A council of war was held upon the subject. The arguments in favor ...
— The Life of George Washington, Volume I • Washington Irving

... doctor said to be perfectly quiet. Perhaps I can, to-morrow, if it doesn't swell up any worse." ...
— The Story of a Play - A Novel • W. D. Howells

... make a man cheerful, does also make him charitable; for grief, and age, and sickness, and weariness, these are peevish and troublesome; but mirth and cheerfulness are content, and civil, and compliant, and communicative, and love to do good, and swell up to felicity only upon the wings of charity. Upon this account, here is pleasure enough for a Christian at present; and if a facete discourse, and an amicable friendly mirth can refresh the spirit, and take it off from the vile temptation of peevish, despairing, ...
— Talkers - With Illustrations • John Bate

... and Extasy, all which struck his Soul, as soon as the Object hit his Eye; her Breasts with an easy Heaving, show'd the Smoothness of her Soul and of her Skin; their Motions were so languishingly soft, that they cou'd not be said to rise and fall, but rather to swell up towards Love, the Heat of which seem'd to melt them down again; some scatter'd jetty Hairs, which hung confus'dly over her Breasts, made her Bosom show like Venus caught in Vulcan's Net, but 'twas the Spectator, not she, was captivated. This Dangerfield ...
— The Works of Aphra Behn - Volume V • Aphra Behn

... real use to the house. If there's anything worse than knowing too little, it's knowing too much. Education will broaden a narrow mind, but there's no known cure for a big head. The best you can hope is that it will swell up and bust; and then, of course, there's nothing left. Poverty never spoils a good man, but prosperity often does. It's easy to stand hard times, because that's the only thing you can do, but in good times the fool-killer has to do ...
— Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to His Son • George Horace Lorimer

... Breckenridge saw the veins swell up on his comrade's forehead and the trembling of his hands. "Don't worry about them. They are beasts, old ...
— The Cattle-Baron's Daughter • Harold Bindloss

... my nose, and then came a ripple of laughter. I got very red in the face, and uncomfortable generally. Attention was called to the size of my feet and hands, and the usual chorus followed. Those useful members of my body seemed to swell up as they do to a young ...
— Andersonville, complete • John McElroy

... look here, suppose you and I had a good fight, and I got the best of it—gave you an unlucky crack on the bridge of your nose, and made both your eyes swell up so that ...
— The Ocean Cat's Paw - The Story of a Strange Cruise • George Manville Fenn

... a cent through him!" Charles flashed. "That makes me swell up with pride every time I think of it—that he took care of his friends. He saw things big, and those Mexican schemes were all right. If he'd lived, they would have pulled through and ...
— Otherwise Phyllis • Meredith Nicholson

... vary in different cases. Following exposure to cold drafts or cold, wet weather, there is usually severe chilling with cold ears and limbs and general dryness and brittleness of the wool. This is followed by a flush of heat, the ears and limbs become unnaturally warm and the glands swell up and become firm and solid in one or both sides of the udder. The muzzle is hot and dry, temperature elevated two or three degrees above normal, pulse firm and quick, excited breathing, appetite and rumination suspended, bowels constipated, urine scanty and the yield of milk may be entirely ...
— The Veterinarian • Chas. J. Korinek

... if I could only meet Don Pike and swell up his eyes for him," he continued to growl. "But ...
— Frank Merriwell's Reward • Burt L. Standish

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