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Snivel   Listen

(past & past part. sniveled or snivelled; pres. part. sniveling or snivelling)
Talk in a tearful manner.  Synonym: whine.
Snuff up mucus through the nose.  Synonym: snuffle.
Cry or whine with snuffling.  Synonyms: blub, blubber, sniffle, snuffle.

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"Snivel" Quotes from Famous Books

... to the seventeenth century, Guido Reni, the Carracci, and other painters (for the present moment out of fashion), painters whose work fetches little at Christie's, the art critic and historian begin to snivel about decay; not only of Italian art, but of the Italian peninsula; and their sobs will hardly ever allow them to get as far as Longhi, Piazetta, and Tiepolo, those great masters of ...
— Masques & Phases • Robert Ross

... 'but they can't possibly go on snivelling for ever. Perhaps they've got into the habit of it with that Murdstone aunt. She's enough to make anyone snivel.' ...
— The Wouldbegoods • E. Nesbit

... eyes of the party upon him, Ted grew more uneasy, the corners of his mouth drew down, one finger went up slowly, and Twitter began to snivel. ...
— The Gold-Stealers - A Story of Waddy • Edward Dyson

... ancestors, guardians of the Golden Fleece, they continued so extremely fond of gold, that if Peter sent them abroad, though it were only upon a compliment, they would roar, and spit, and belch, and snivel out fire, and keep a perpetual coil till you flung them a bit of gold; but then pulveris exigui jactu, they would grow calm and quiet as lambs. In short, whether by secret connivance or encouragement from their ...
— A Tale of a Tub • Jonathan Swift

... every limb a shrivell'd Horn, all dryness in all the world whatever, Tann'd or frozen or icy-lean with ages. Sure superlative happiness surrounds thee. 15 Thee sweat frets not, an o'er-saliva frets not, Frets not snivel or oozy rheumy nostril. ...
— The Poems and Fragments of Catullus • Catullus

... him as a comrade, sir. He's a good chap, and fought as well as the best of them. But it makes me feel ready to snivel, sir, about old Mother Clean-shirts. Why, it will about break her heart. Why, she was here a couple of hours ago to bring me that drinking-water, and looked as chirpy as ever.—Poor old girl!" continued Peter, as Archie told him what had passed. "It's a bad, bad ...
— Trapped by Malays - A Tale of Bayonet and Kris • George Manville Fenn

... moment eyeing the gamin, who pretended to snivel. Then he tossed him a franc, laughing. The child caught it, and thrusting it into his mouth wheeled about to the sewer-hole. For a second he crouched, motionless, alert, his eyes on the bars of the drain, then leaping forward he hurled a stone into the gutter, and Trent left ...
— The King In Yellow • Robert W. Chambers

... right," he said, after a long pause. "Of course, I've—I've been hit pretty hard. But I don't want people to know. I don't want her to know. And I don't mean either to snivel or to sulk. But I see what you mean; and I ...
— Under False Pretences - A Novel • Adeline Sergeant

... The sound of her frightened snivel aged him. He tiptoed to the barn door, eying a light in the farm-house. He reached far up to the latch of the broad door and pulled out the wooden pin. The latch slipped noisily from its staple. The door ...
— The Trail of the Hawk - A Comedy of the Seriousness of Life • Sinclair Lewis

... find out whether I have or not. What's he paid for? If he calls me up and I get floored, he makes me write it out in Greek and English. Very good. He's caught me, and I don't grumble. I grant you, if I go and snivel to him, and tell him I've really tried to learn it, but found it so hard without a translation, or say I've had a toothache, or any humbug of that kind, I'm a snob. That's my school morality; it's served me, and ...
— Tom Brown's Schooldays • Thomas Hughes

... or not, I saw none; but after some moments of pause a figure rose erect out of the ring and hobbled toward the boy. I made out an old woman, an old wreck of womanhood, a scant-haired, blue-lipped ruin of what had once been woman. I heard her snivel and sniff and wheeze her "Lord ha' mercy" as she went by, slippering forward on her miserable feet, hugging to her wasted sides what remnant of gown she had, fawning before the boy, within the sphere of light that came from him. If he loathed, or ...
— Lore of Proserpine • Maurice Hewlett

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