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Sizing   /sˈaɪzɪŋ/   Listen

Any glutinous material used to fill pores in surfaces or to stiffen fabrics.  Synonym: size.

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"Sizing" Quotes from Famous Books

... this discussion—and warning—having resignedly "passed" the Customs at the dock gates, was spinning townwards in one of the innumerable hansoms. Sizing up the South African metropolis, it gave him the idea of a mud city, just dumped down wet and left to dry in the sun. Its general aspect suggested the vagaries of some sportive Titan, who, from the summit of the lofty rock wall behind it, had amused himself, out ...
— The Sign of the Spider • Bertram Mitford

... of success in your face. Curious about those signs. Once you learn to know them, you never miss in sizing up people." ...
— Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise • David Graham Phillips

... "Huh, sizing me up, are they?" Warble sniffed. "Looking at me through the footle, distorted little microscope of their own silly scrubby little souls! Pooh, they couldn't, one of them, make a decent ...
— Ptomaine Street • Carolyn Wells

... years ago, having then no machinery, we employed a number of native papermakers to make it in the way to which they had been accustomed, with the exception of mixing conjee or rice gruel with the pulp and using it as sizing; our object being that of making paper impervious to insects. Our success at first was very imperfect, but the process was conducted ...
— The Life of William Carey • George Smith

... immanence in the compelling. We are too far in us from outward truth To know how much we are not what we are, And live but in the heat of error's youth, Yet young enough its acting youth to ignore. The doubleness of mind fails us, to glance At our exterior presence amid things, Sizing from otherness our countenance And seeing our puppet will's act-acting strings. An unknown language speaks in us, which we Are at the ...
— 35 Sonnets • Fernando Pessoa

... Besides the coloring, a "filler" is usually added at this time, such as kaolin, the fine clay of which china is made. This fills the pores and gives a smoother surface to the finished paper—a good thing if too much is not put in. A little sizing is also added, made of rosin. Save for this sizing, ink would sink into even the finished paper as it does into blotting paper. After this, more water is added to the pulp and it is run ...
— Makers of Many Things • Eva March Tappan

... the best results. The addition of a little mucilage to the solution is sometimes an advantage, producing the same results as strength of solution, by increasing the amount adhering to the paper. With paper deficient in sizing the mucilage also makes the whites ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 421, January 26, 1884 • Various

... in contradiction, "I've known of much stranger things than that, Mr. Allerdyke," he said confidently. "Very much stranger things. Your cousin, according to your account of him, was an uncommonly sharp man. He was quick at sizing up things and people. He was the sort—as you've represented him to me—that was what's termed fertile in resource. Now, I've been theorizing a bit as I came up in the train; one's got to in my line, you know. Supposing your cousin got an idea ...
— The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation • J. S. Fletcher

... "The way you been sizing things up. You aren't going to do anything, are you? I pay regular for my protection every month—five dollars—and I work hard to get ...
— The Girl and The Bill - An American Story of Mystery, Romance and Adventure • Bannister Merwin

... the Boss never would fill in just as it came off the bat, but I managed to piece out that the brigandess, sizing us up for a couple of pikers, reckoned that we wouldn't pan out much cash, and that the Boss might be used some rough by the gang. That prospect not setting well on her mind, she rolls out the back door of their camp, makes a swift trip around to our ...
— Shorty McCabe • Sewell Ford

... Kitty Killigrew ever since she was born," said Killigrew dryly. "I've yet to see her make a mistake in sizing up a man. She picks 'em out the way I do, right off the bat. The minute you dodder about a man or a woman, there's sure to be something' to dodder about. Good lord! you don't suppose he had a hand ...
— The Voice in the Fog • Harold MacGrath

... that old girl. She's the only one I never do get close to. Soured old maid, I guess. Looks at you a lot, but doesn't say much, like she was sizing you up. That nose of hers certainly does stand out like a peak or something. You wouldn't think it, either, but she reads poetry—mushiest kind—awful stuff. Say, I looked into a book of hers one day over at the Old Place—Something-or-Other ...
— The Wrong Twin • Harry Leon Wilson

... you'll find him in the billiard room," replied the clerk, sizing up Joe with a critical glance. "Here, boy, show this gentleman to Mr. Watson," went on ...
— Baseball Joe in the Big League - or, A Young Pitcher's Hardest Struggles • Lester Chadwick

... the reader what cellulose is since he now holds a specimen of it in his hand, pretty pure cellulose except for the sizing and the specks of carbon that mar the whiteness of its surface. This utilization of cellulose is the chief cause of the difference between the modern world and the ancient, for what is called the invention of printing is essentially the inventing ...
— Creative Chemistry - Descriptive of Recent Achievements in the Chemical Industries • Edwin E. Slosson

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