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Shout out   /ʃaʊt aʊt/   Listen
Shout out

Utter a sudden loud cry.  Synonyms: call, cry, holler, hollo, scream, shout, squall, yell.  "I yelled to her from the window but she couldn't hear me"
Utter in a very loud voice.  Synonym: vociferate.

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"Shout out" Quotes from Famous Books

... a vagabond streak that took him into the woods and the hills for days at a time. About the middle of his Sophomore year he discovered Whitman. While camping alone at night under the stars he used to shout out, ...
— The Vision Spendid • William MacLeod Raine

... The candidate intended to vote in his own favor and he did; but it did not bring him the coveted office. When the result was announced he had just twelve votes. All the others were cast for Albert Percy. Then there was more cheering, but Tom didn't join in; and neither did he shout out a responsive "Aye" when it was proposed that the election be declared unanimous. On the contrary he looked daggers at every man in the ranks whose eye he could reach; and he could reach more than half of them, for the line was almost as crooked as ...
— Rodney The Partisan • Harry Castlemon

... afraid of the old man, they could not help teasing him whenever they got a chance. It seemed reckless and brave to shout out something and then take to their heels. They dared not come too near, for the same nurse-girl, seeing the sensation that her first remark had created, added another more astonishing, to the effect that Paddy had traded his soul to the devil, and was ...
— Jerry's Reward • Evelyn Snead Barnett

... obeys the order and commands his men to do the same. In the meantime, while they treat upon the terms, and a longer debate than necessary is designedly entered into by Ambiorix, being surrounded by degrees, he is slain. Then they according to their custom shout out "Victory," and raise their war-cry, and, making an attack on our men, break their ranks. There L. Cotta, while fighting, is slain, together with the greater part of the soldiers; the rest betake themselves to the camp from ...
— "De Bello Gallico" and Other Commentaries • Caius Julius Caesar

... take the occasion of a waiter being near to you, to ask for it in an undertone. To shout out "Waiter!" or order one about, as if you were in a restaurant, is a ...
— Frost's Laws and By-Laws of American Society • Sarah Annie Frost

... of it, he rushed at me, as it seemed half blindly. As he did so I was constrained to shout out, in tones which I should not have recognised ...
— The Beetle - A Mystery • Richard Marsh

... going wrong, why didn't he shout out?" asked young Carteret, with a rueful face. "I couldn't have ...
— Elster's Folly • Mrs. Henry Wood

... he hated him for dying like this and leaving him with nothing to do after all these years of faithful service. And how shocked he was, and frightened, to discover himself wanting to pause outside his master's door with his head cocked to hear the voice that would never shout out to him again. ...
— From the Housetops • George Barr McCutcheon

... procession they skated along. The creek was about as crooked as anything could well be, a fact that influenced Bobolink to shout out: ...
— The Banner Boy Scouts Snowbound - A Tour on Skates and Iceboats • George A. Warren

... Did Beatrice shout out to him? Did she try to make him hear? He could not tell. No human voice could have been audible in such a turmoil. Stern had no time to think even of her at such ...
— Darkness and Dawn • George Allan England

... yarn that I was a dub. The people who looked at my work, and laughed, started that talk. I didn't shout out that I was a great artist for the mighty good reason that if I had, and had been believed, the people who posed for me either wouldn't have done it or would have been so self-conscious that they would have tried to look like some one else, and would never have shown me themselves at all. Thinking ...
— Children of the Whirlwind • Leroy Scott

... with Rome? Am I Romes slaue? What penny hath Rome borne? What men prouided? What munition sent To vnder-prop this Action? Is't not I That vnder-goe this charge? Who else but I, And such as to my claime are liable, Sweat in this businesse, and maintaine this warre? Haue I not heard these Islanders shout out Viue le Roy, as I haue bank'd their Townes? Haue I not heere the best Cards for the game To winne this easie match, plaid for a Crowne? And shall I now giue ore the yeelded Set? No, no, on my soule it neuer shall ...
— The First Folio [35 Plays] • William Shakespeare

Words linked to "Shout out" :   let out, squawk, yawl, hollo, skreigh, cry out, cry, whoop, shout, let loose, outcry, shriek, shrill, skreak, holler, yaup, pipe, halloo, screech, give tongue to, ululate, call out, exclaim, screak, howl, hurrah, express, yell, wail, vociferate, call, emit, verbalise, verbalize, roar, pipe up, utter

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