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Server   /sˈərvər/   Listen

A person whose occupation is to serve at table (as in a restaurant).  Synonym: waiter.
(court games) the player who serves to start a point.
(computer science) a computer that provides client stations with access to files and printers as shared resources to a computer network.  Synonym: host.
Utensil used in serving food or drink.

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"Server" Quotes from Famous Books

... to be a victim, the sacrificing priest shall at least be a man, and not a coward and a time-server. If he believes this Christian faith, let him defend it against me; for either it or I shall perish. If he does not—as he does not—let him give up living in a lie, and taking on his lips blasphemies against the immortals, from which his heart ...
— Hypatia - or, New Foes with an Old Face • Charles Kingsley

... I would say, sir. I know this man well: he hath been since an ape-bearer; then a process-server, a bailiff; then he compassed a motion of the Prodigal Son, and married a tinker's wife within a mile where my land and living lies; and, having flown over many knavish professions, he settled only in rogue: some ...
— The Winter's Tale - [Collins Edition] • William Shakespeare

... poor server of Mammon, whose vile god can pretend to deliver him no longer! Or rather, for the blockish god never pretended anything—it was the man's own doing—Alas for the Mammon-worshipper! he can no longer deceive himself in his riches. And so even in hell he is something ...
— Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood • George MacDonald

... where he cannot. But it is not possible, on grounds of religious eroticism, to protect men from listening to a woman preaching, at the cost of compelling women to listen to no one but a man; or insist on the intolerable cruelty of compelling a man-priest to celebrate mass with a woman server, while forcing the woman to make her confession ...
— Sex And Common-Sense • A. Maude Royden

... defective, in not preparing him to love labour and to earn his living at some special industry, and has, in too many cases, resulted in tempting him to live by his wits as a political creature or by trusting to his "influence" as a political time-server. ...
— The Future of the American Negro • Booker T. Washington

... wrote able and quotable treatises On Consolation, On Providence, On Calmness of Soul, and On the Blessed Life, there is no direct evidence that the savor of Christian faith ever qualified his works or his personal principles. He was a man of grand ideas and inspirations, but he was a time server and a flatterer of the Emperor Nero, who, nevertheless, caused his death when he had no ...
— The Story of the Hymns and Tunes • Theron Brown and Hezekiah Butterworth

... a widower, forty-two years of age. He had three daughters who lived happily with him in the Rue Rougemont. He did a good trade as bailiff and process-server, and at times had considerable sums of money in his possession. These he would never leave behind him at his office, but carry home at the end of the day's work, except on Fridays. Friday nights Gouffe always spent away from home. As the society ...
— A Book of Remarkable Criminals • H. B. Irving

... a night; and I stood on Fifth Avenue outside a solemn restaurant and watched 'em. A process-server walked in and handed Vaucross the papers at his table. Everybody looked at 'em; and he looked as proud as Cicero. I went back to my room and lit a five-cent cigar, for I knew the $10,000 ...
— Strictly Business • O. Henry

... murdered generals, Clearchus was a man of high military capacity, but a harsh disciplinarian, feared and respected, but very unpopular; Proxenus, a particular friend of Xenophon, was an amiable but not a strong man; Menon, the Thessalian, was a crafty and hypocritical time-server, of whom no ...
— The World's Greatest Books, Vol XI. • Edited by Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton

... provided Pinker with much matter for reflection. Now men will say anything in the passion of elections; but when it was reported that Mr. Nevill Tyson had in private pronounced Sir Peter to be a "miserable time-server," and in public (that is to say, in Drayton Town Hall) declared excitedly—"We will have no time-servers—men who will go through any gate you open for them—we Leicestershire people want a man who rides straight across country, and doesn't funk his fences!" And when Sir ...
— The Tysons - (Mr. and Mrs. Nevill Tyson) • May Sinclair

... one foot on the rear boundary line behind the line. From this position the ball is tossed upward lightly from one hand and batted with the open palm of the other hand over the net and into the opponents' court. The server has two trials. A served ball may be assisted on its course by any other player on the server's side using one or both hands (open palm), no player so assisting the ball on the serve may strike it more than twice ...
— Games and Play for School Morale - A Course of Graded Games for School and Community Recreation • Various

... full minute I opened the door and looked without. The high dormer window in the end of the corridor made the darkness something less than visible, and I could see that the passage was empty. But on the floor at my feet was my supper; a roasted fowl on a server, hot from the spit, with maize bread and garnishings fit for ...
— The Master of Appleby • Francis Lynde

... Now, could I help asking myself the question, whether the mechanic before me, who must detect the preacher as being wrong about the visible manner of himself and the like of himself, and about such a noisy lip-server as that pauper, might not, most unhappily for the usefulness of the occasion, doubt that preacher's being right about things not visible ...
— The Uncommercial Traveller • Charles Dickens

... motherless, and beset with ambitious uncles. These uncles were Louis, Duke of Anjou, to whom Queen Joanna, the last of the earlier Angevin line in Naples, bequeathed her rights; John, Duke of Berry, a weak time-server; and Philip, the ablest and most honest of the three. His grandmother Joan, the wife of Philip VI., had been heiress of the duchy and county of Burgundy, and these now became his inheritance, giving him the richest part of France. By still better fortune he had married Margaret, the ...
— History of France • Charlotte M. Yonge

... Absolute. There was no softening, no condonement in her gaze; and none in his bitter judgement of himself. Up till now there had been moments in which he persuaded himself that he was justified in his changes of attitude. If his conscience joined with his enemies in calling him a time-server, what did it mean but that in every situation he had served his time? He had grown opulent in experience, espousing all the fascinating forms of truth. And did not the illuminated, the supremely philosophic mood consist in just this openness, this receptivity, this infinite adaptability, in short? ...
— The Divine Fire • May Sinclair

... Purposely avoiding all attraction that may savour of extravagance, patiently subduing every tone and every hue to the aspect of those whom we meet daily in our thoroughfares, I have shown in Robert Beaufort the man of decorous phrase and bloodless action—the systematic self-server—in whom the world forgive the lack of all that is generous, warm, and noble, in order to respect the passive acquiescence in methodical conventions and hollow forms. And how common such men are with us in this century, and how inviting and how necessary ...
— Night and Morning, Complete • Edward Bulwer-Lytton

... filling up his glass, 'I am no Laodicean or time-server. The cause shall not find me wanting with ...
— Micah Clarke - His Statement as made to his three Grandchildren Joseph, - Gervas and Reuben During the Hard Winter of 1734 • Arthur Conan Doyle

... is that of the three Lutheran clergymen: Kolin in Lonely Lives, Kittelhaus in The Weavers, and Spitta in The Rats. Kolin has the utter sincerity which can afford to be trivial and not cease to be lovable; Kittelhaus is the conscious time-server whose opinions might be anything; Spitta struggles for his official convictions, half blinded by the allurements of a world which it is his duty to denounce. Each is wholly himself; no hint of critical irony defaces his ...
— The Dramatic Works of Gerhart Hauptmann - Volume I • Gerhart Hauptmann

... That Burgher Jans is getting to be a positive nuisance to us; and I shall be glad when our poor wounded Fritz comes home, if only to stop his coming here so frequently—the gossipping little time- server, with his bowing and scraping and calling me his 'dearest maiden,' indeed—I'd 'maiden' him if I had ...
— Fritz and Eric - The Brother Crusoes • John Conroy Hutcheson

... some of them to join him as Ministers in a Cabinet of which he is the head. No doubt he would give good reasons for the change, but the fact remains. His mobile mind is ever adapting itself to what he considers the exigencies of the times, though no one could with less justice be named a time-server. "Other times, other means, other manners" may be described as his attitude of mind. If at the moment the welfare of the community in his judgment demanded certain courses of action no words of his in the past, no principles that he had held, would prevent him from ...
— Lloyd George - The Man and His Story • Frank Dilnot

... who may be his personal inferior. It is difficult to convey to one who has never known this distinction the way in which the very atmosphere is charged with it in South East Africa. A white oligarchy, every member of the race an aristocrat; a black proletariat, every member of the race a server; the line of cleavage as clear and deep as the colours. The less able and vigorous of our race, thus protected, find here an ease, a comfort, a recognition to which their personal worth would never entitle them in a homogeneous ...
— Introduction to the Science of Sociology • Robert E. Park

... some tinkling among bottles and cans, produced two long-stalked wine-glasses with bell mouths, such as are seen in Teniers' pieces, and a small bottle of what he called rich racy canary, with a little bit of diet cake, on a small silver server of exquisite old workmanship. "I will say nothing of the server," he remarked, "though it is said to have been wrought by the old mad Florentine, Benvenuto Cellini. But, Mr. Lovel, our ancestors drank sackyou, who admire the drama, know where ...
— The Antiquary, Complete • Sir Walter Scott

... or any player on either side, puts the ball in play by throwing it among the players of the opposite side. Whoever catches the ball acts as the first server. The server serves by bounding the ball once and then hitting or batting it with the open palm on the rebound, so that it will go over into the opponents' court. Should a served ball fail to rebound in the antagonists' court, it is returned ...
— Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium • Jessie H. Bancroft

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