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Savvy   /sˈævi/   Listen

(Written also savey)
Get the meaning of something.  Synonyms: apprehend, compass, comprehend, dig, get the picture, grasp, grok.

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"Savvy" Quotes from Famous Books

... there don't any outside stock come in on us. If Florence Grace Hallman and her bunch lands any settlers here, they'll be between us and Dry Lake; and they're dead welcome to squat on them dry pinnacles—so long as we keep their stock from crossing our claims to get into the breaks. Savvy the burro?" ...
— The Flying U's Last Stand • B. M. Bower

... doggone key! I was thinkin' of a feller I know'd down to Wyomin'. Tex—Tex—Smith, er some such of a name it was. I mistrusted you was him, an' mebbe you be fer all I know. I don't savvy none of ...
— The Texan - A Story of the Cattle Country • James B. Hendryx

... which way a tenderfoot will go," said the hunter philosophically. "If he had any savvy at all he'd follow the old beaten track around by the arroyo to the water-hole. We'll ...
— Average Jones • Samuel Hopkins Adams

... striped skunk that's doing the crooked playing," snapped Gowan. "Can't you savvy his game? It's all a frame-up—his sending off his guide and outfit, so's to let on to you he'd been busted up and kicked out by his dad. You take him in to keep his pretty carcass from the coyotes—which has saved them ...
— Out of the Depths - A Romance of Reclamation • Robert Ames Bennet

... this true of the fourth class men in the "wooden" or lowest sections. Most of these men knew that, if they succeeded in staying on at all, it would be by a very small margin indeed. Even the men in the "savvy sections," with the highest marks of their class, were eager to come out as well as ...
— Dave Darrin's First Year at Annapolis • H. Irving Hancock

... took advantage of you. I don't know. I wasn't much as a young feller, but I wasn't a scrub, and I don't savvy scrubs. I fetched him over here to-day to ask you if it's true, and to say to you if it is, he'll marry you or there'll be trouble. That don't square it, but it's the best ...
— The Wizard's Daughter and Other Stories • Margaret Collier Graham

... "I don't savvy what you're talking about at all," he remarked ingenuously; "but seein' as you've been spendin' a few bucks amongst your friends here, I'll tell ...
— McClure's Magazine, Vol. 31, No. 1, May 1908 • Various

... this jackal. Then clear out. There's a train to Stevenish at 3.23. If you get on the Underground at the Temple you ought to be able to make it easily. Here are the keys of the chambers. I can put you up here to-night if you like. I'll expect you when I see you ... with that letter. Savvy?" ...
— The Yellow Streak • Williams, Valentine

... the seaman furiously. "D'you think I'm going to wait 'ere while you prods about in all the blasted lot? It's damn near high tide—I shan't get out. 'Alf time! Savvy? Shove it on ...
— Dope • Sax Rohmer

... he roared, and then to the Chinaman who showed up in a nervous hover: "Give this lady grub, savvy? If you'll go with him, ma'am, he'll get you up something. Then we'd ...
— The Killer • Stewart Edward White

... wedding bells. They've made sentimental idiots of themselves. General Lackaday and I aren't marrying folks. The question hasn't arisen. We're good intimate friends, nothing more. He's no more in love with me than I am with him. Savvy?" ...
— The Mountebank • William J. Locke

... sit on you and your bills, didn't I? This lady's coming out here tomorrow, bag and baggage. Hand over your account-book to her and I bet she does better with it. See that you fix us up in honeymoon style, too. Bag and baggage we're coming. Savvy?" ...
— Humoresque - A Laugh On Life With A Tear Behind It • Fannie Hurst

... piped: "I'm Colonel Armour. I own all these cattle, 'cept the Morris uns, see? Gotta do what I say, savvy? Tim, walk on ...
— Our Mr. Wrenn - The Romantic Adventures of a Gentle Man • Sinclair Lewis

Words linked to "Savvy" :   apprehension, hindsight, get wise, twig, brainwave, tumble, brainstorm, hold, self-knowledge, digest, realisation, smattering, appreciation, cotton on, understand, latch on, get the picture, knowing, realization, comprehension, figure, insight, get onto, intuit, recognition, get it, catch on, grasping

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