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Rock rose   /rɑk roʊz/   Listen
Rock rose

Any of numerous varieties of helianthemums having small rose-like yellow or white or reddish flowers.  Synonym: rockrose.
Small shrubs of scrub and dry woodland regions of southern Europe and North Africa; grown for their showy flowers and soft often downy and aromatic evergreen foliage.  Synonym: rockrose.

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"Rock rose" Quotes from Famous Books

... arriving at the refuge, they had passed along a very steep and dangerous path. On one side the rock rose precipitously, ten feet above their heads. On the other, was a fall into the valley below. The road at this point was far ...
— Winning His Spurs - A Tale of the Crusades • George Alfred Henty

... happily fainted—must be held until death itself wrenched her from him. Then there came the headlong plunge into the swirling sea, followed by an indefinite period of gasping oblivion. Something that felt like a moving rock rose up beneath his feet. He was driven clear out of the water and seemed to recognize a familiar object rising rigid and bright close at hand. It was the binnacle pillar, screwed to a portion of the deck which came ...
— The Wings of the Morning • Louis Tracy

... size, was commanded by Gyas. The other vessels were the Centaur and the Scylla,—the first commanded by Sergestus, and the second by Cloanthus. Some way out in the sea, opposite to the starting-point, a rock rose amid the restless waters. The galleys were to round this rock, on which AEneas had planted an oak-tree as a mark, and then return to the shore. The vessels were assigned their places by lot, and the captain ...
— The Children's Hour, Volume 3 (of 10) • Various

... living grave! But the love of life, which makes us cling to it in the most hopeless extremity, was strong in Frank Costello's breast; his firmness and presence of mind gradually returned, and he resolved not to perish without a struggle. He remembered that, at the farther extremity of the cavern, the rock rose like a flight of rude stairs, sloping from the floor to the roof; he had often clambered up those rugged steps, and he knew that, by means of them, he could place himself at an elevation above the reach of the highest tide. But the hope thus ...
— Thrilling Adventures by Land and Sea • James O. Brayman

... this portion of his seat outward, away from the eyes of his companions—to present it to the balustrade of the deck. The ship was passing the Needles—the beautiful uttermost point of the Isle of Wight. Certain tall white cones of rock rose out of the purple sea; they flushed in the afternoon light and their vague rosiness gave them a human expression in face of the cold expanse toward which the prow was turned; they seemed to say farewell, to be the last note ...
— Pandora • Henry James

... face; and as I lay, I could hardly hold the candle upright. I seemed to myself to be in a coffin rather than in a boat, as I had no room to stir hand or foot till we had passed this frightful strait, and the rock rose again on the other side, where my guide once ...
— Travels in England in 1782 • Charles P. Moritz

... of exquisite birds—probably jays—flitting about as though nothing unusual was going on. The variety of birds is not great, but all are new to me and have interested me greatly, so also have the flowers, which are very fine. I was specially taken with a big light purple rock rose, nearly three inches across, and in ...
— The Incomparable 29th and the "River Clyde" • George Davidson

... I built it firm. Of ledge or shelf The rock rose clear, or winding stair. My soul would live alone unto herself In ...
— The Early Poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson • Tennyson

... the hoped-for home letters. Almost as soon as we left Tsugawa the downward passage was apparently barred by fantastic mountains, which just opened their rocky gates wide enough to let us through, and then closed again. Pinnacles and needles of bare, flushed rock rose out of luxuriant vegetation—Quiraing without its bareness, the Rhine without its ruins, and more beautiful than both. There were mountains connected by ridges no broader than a horse's back, others with great gray buttresses, deep chasms cleft by streams, temples with pagoda roofs ...
— Unbeaten Tracks in Japan • Isabella L. Bird

Words linked to "Rock rose" :   Cistus ladanum, sun rose, bush, common gum cistus, genus Cistus, sunrose, Cistus ladanifer, white-leaved rockrose, Cistus, shrub, Cistus albidus, helianthemum

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