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Rattler   /rˈætələr/  /rˈætlər/   Listen

Pit viper with horny segments at the end of the tail that rattle when shaken.  Synonym: rattlesnake.
A railroad train consisting of freight cars.  Synonym: freight train.

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"Rattler" Quotes from Famous Books

... quickness of a striking rattler he launched himself full upon Sabor's back, his strong young arms seeking and gaining a full-Nelson upon the beast, as he had learned it that other day during his bloody, ...
— Tarzan of the Apes • Edgar Rice Burroughs

... to the left? I dropped a big rock from the Point square on a rattler who was sunning himself there last spring. I can see a foothold all the way up the cliff. It can be done," he concluded, in a tone that made ...
— 'Hell fer Sartain' and Other Stories • John Fox, Jr.

... Brer Rabbit wuz," Uncle Remus exclaimed, noticing a questioning look in the child's face. "He 'uz a rattler, mon, des ez sho' ez youer settin' dar. Dey wa'n't no kinder wuk dat Brer Rabbit can't put he han' at, en do it ...
— Nights With Uncle Remus - Myths and Legends of the Old Plantation • Joel Chandler Harris

... was Donald's turn to make this trip; on other days Sandy or Bernardo went. As there was always the chance of meeting a grizzly or a rattler the journey was ...
— The Story of Wool • Sara Ware Bassett

... big rattler run under the cabin to-day," he said, as if he were speaking of one of Old Baldy's shoes. "I tried to get a whack at him, but he oozed ...
— The Last of the Plainsmen • Zane Grey

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