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Pucker   /pˈəkər/   Listen

(past & past part. puckered; pres. part. puckering)
To gather something into small wrinkles or folds.  Synonyms: cockle, crumple, knit, rumple.
Draw together into folds or puckers.  Synonyms: gather, tuck.
Become wrinkled or drawn together.  Synonyms: ruck, ruck up.

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"Pucker" Quotes from Famous Books

... and aunt were with Mr. Murray; and he asked me ever such a lot of questions and said the funniest things. Of course he never had heard a word of poor papa's death, and how we had to leave Riversdale; and how he did pucker his eyebrows over it! And when I said I was in Uncle Gregory's office, and you were with Uncle Clair learning to be an artist, you should see how he wrinkled his forehead and scowled! Then he asked me how I came to be here, and I told him, and how near I came to ...
— Little Folks (October 1884) - A Magazine for the Young • Various

... thoughts of the woman of brilliance and audacity, the bartender raised his head and stared through the varying cracks between the swaying bamboo doors. Suddenly the whistling pucker faded from his lips. He saw Maggie walking slowly past. He gave a great start, fearing for the previously-mentioned eminent ...
— Maggie: A Girl of the Streets • Stephen Crane

... were calling on me." Paloma pouted her pretty lips. "Dave isn't here. He and father—have gone away." A little pucker of ...
— Heart of the Sunset • Rex Beach

... me to tell ye thet he's comin' in to get Mrs. Boone at the Public Square at eleven o'clock,' he says to me. 'He's goin' to take her out High Street to a whisk party at Mrs. Pucker's, an' he'll come down here ...
— Blister Jones • John Taintor Foote

... my blue spotted necktie, sister?" asked Holland, leaning against her and looking up into her face with an anxious little pucker on his forehead. "It's the best one I've got, but you may take it if ...
— The Little Colonel's House Party • Annie Fellows Johnston

... welcome, that—if they went no deeper than his words. But there was the old twinkle back of the querulousness in the Old Man's eyes, and the old pucker of the lips behind his grizzled whiskers. "You've got that doggone Kid broke to foller yuh so we can't keep him on the ranch no more," he added fretfully. "Tried to run away twice, on Silver. Chip had to ...
— The Flying U's Last Stand • B. M. Bower

... habitual slight pucker—as though of anxiety or doubt—in his brow was much in evidence. It might have meant the chronic effort of a short-sighted man to see. But the fine candid eyes were not short-sighted. The pucker ...
— Helena • Mrs. Humphry Ward

... grand toilette, she appeared as an object, handsome still, and magnificent, but melancholy, and even somewhat terrifying to behold. You read the past in some old faces, while some others lapse into mere meekness and content. The fires go quite out of some eyes, as the crow's-feet pucker round them; they flash no longer with scorn, or with anger, or love; they gaze, and no one is melted by their sapphire glances; they look, and no one is dazzled. My fair young reader, if you are not so perfect a beauty as the peerless ...
— The Virginians • William Makepeace Thackeray

... does it cost?" Mrs. Jane's lips were at their most economical pucker. "Do we have to pay a GREAT deal? Isn't there any way to save ...
— Oh, Money! Money! • Eleanor Hodgman Porter

... other about half-way down on the right side. The skin of his body was extremely white up to the brown line of his neck, and the angry crinkled spots looked the more vivid against it. From above I could see that there was a corresponding pucker in the back at one place, but not at the other. Inexperienced as I was, I could tell what that meant. Two bullets had pierced his chest; one had passed through it, and the other ...
— The Great Shadow and Other Napoleonic Tales • Arthur Conan Doyle

... looks at her. She strolls indolently along the shore, scratching her back and with her finger at her nose as she walks. You cannot help seeing, father, that she has narrow shoulders, clumsy breasts, a stout figure, and short legs. Her reddish knees pucker at every step she takes, and there is, at each of her joints, what looks like a little monkey's head. Her broad and sinewy feet cling to the rock with their four crooked toes, while the great toes ...
— Penguin Island • Anatole France

... would have gone if he could, don't you?" said Polly again, the little anxious pucker ...
— Five Little Peppers and their Friends • Margaret Sidney

... for obstruction; her resolution in jumping in to hit a young bowler off his length; the trouble she has with her shoe-lace when her opponent is nervous; the suddenness with which every now and again her usually deliberate second service will follow her first; the slight pucker in her eyebrows when she picks up a hand full of spades; the pluck with which she throws herself on the ball when there is nothing else for it; her dignified bonhomie in the dressing room! We all know Lady Ann and her tricks, but nothing can be proved against ...
— When Winter Comes to Main Street • Grant Martin Overton

... "She is still in Tangier. And never a care for him has troubled her for two years, not so much as would bring a pucker to her pretty forehead—all my arrears of ...
— Ensign Knightley and Other Stories • A. E. W. Mason

... Lady Bassett requested her people to open the carriage door, and she was in the act of getting out when Mr. Coyne appeared, a little oily, bustling man, with a good-humored, vulgar face, liable to a subservient pucker; he wore it directly at sight of a fine woman, fine clothes, fine footmen, ...
— A Terrible Temptation - A Story of To-Day • Charles Reade

... complex. At twelve a pucker of absorption and concentration begins to gather between ...
— Emmy Lou - Her Book and Heart • George Madden Martin

... Kilburn felt a great deal like giving the child up again. "I don't want it without it's satisfied to stay. I see last night it was just breakin' its heart for her, and I told William when we first missed her this mornin', and he was in such a pucker about her, I bet anything he was a mind to that the child had gone back to Miss Kilburn's. That's just the words I used; didn't I, Rebecca? I couldn't stand it to have no child ...
— Annie Kilburn - A Novel • W. D. Howells

... the Big Four; "Montgomery to the Bay" was meeting with a host of difficulties; the Grand Hotel was building and Kearny street, where he owned property, was being widened. Ralston's genial countenance showed sometimes a little strained pucker between the eyes. ...
— Port O' Gold • Louis John Stellman

... go now," Kemp said, and opened the door for Ruth to pass before him. She followed him slowly, but on the threshold drew back, a thoughtful little pucker on her brow. ...
— Other Things Being Equal • Emma Wolf

... in my life. But you know in another two or three weeks I hope to be settled at the Crow's Nest. We shall be near neighbours then." He looked at Elizabeth as he spoke. It struck him that she was a little embarrassed. Her colour rose, and there was a slight pucker in her brow, as though something perplexed her; but the next minute it ...
— Herb of Grace • Rosa Nouchette Carey

... flesh, turn out to be very insufficient when investigated and tested by the higher spirit or self. We should 'appeal from Philip drunk to Philip sober.' And if a man will be honest with himself, and tell himself why he is in such a pucker of terror, or why he is in such a rapture of joy, nine times out of ten the attempt to tell the reasons will be the condemnation of the mood which they are supposed to justify. If men would only bring the causes or occasions of the tempers and feelings which they allow ...
— Expositions Of Holy Scripture - Volume I: St. Luke, Chaps. I to XII • Alexander Maclaren

... little body from being the only child for so long and being so much with her mother. Instead of answering directly, she stopped to think, a pucker drawn between her brows ...
— When Grandmamma Was New - The Story of a Virginia Childhood • Marion Harland

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