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A person (especially a lawyer or politician) who uses unscrupulous or unethical methods.  Synonym: shyster.
A disputant who quibbles; someone who raises annoying petty objections.  Synonyms: caviler, caviller, quibbler.

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"Pettifogger" Quotes from Famous Books

... that Durward would surely come back, as there was no possible reason for his leaving them so abruptly. As the day wore away and the night came on he seemed less sure, while even Uncle Timothy began to fidget, and when in the evening a young pettifogger, who had recently hung out his shingle on Laurel Hill, came in, he asked him, in a low tone, "if, under the present governor, they hung folks on circumstantial ...
— 'Lena Rivers • Mary J. Holmes

... shareholders. The governor was the appointee of the corporation, and his powers were large and under conditions almost absolute. The liberties of the emigrants themselves were not specifically enlarged, but they were at least emancipated from the paternal solicitude of the stingy and self-complacent pettifogger who graced ...
— The History of the United States from 1492 to 1910, Volume 1 • Julian Hawthorne

... mutual acquaintances. They had been accomplices, no doubt, in many a deed of darkness. But as "the devil should have his due," I am bound to exculpate him from any participation in the alleged crime. That he was innocent in this affair I have the fullest evidence. I was solicited by the pettifogger, (I will not say lawyer,) for the brothers, to take a bribe for perjury, and swear poor Taylor guilty of giving me five hundred dollars of counterfeit money, which money he would place in my hands. Of this fellow, I will speak in another chapter. The younger ...
— Secret Band of Brothers • Jonathan Harrington Green

... who continued amiable to Peter Siner was Cissie Dildine. The octoroon, perhaps, had other criteria by which to judge a man than his success or mishaps dealing with a pettifogger. ...
— Birthright - A Novel • T.S. Stribling

... War Committee shows, to a most disgusting satiety, that General Halleck is exclusively a red-tapist, and a small pettifogger, who is unworthy to be even a non-commissioned officer; General Burnside an honest, well intentioned soldier, thoroughly brave, but as thoroughly destitute of generalship; General Sumner an unquestionably brave but headlong trooper; and Hooker alone in ...
— Diary from November 12, 1862, to October 18, 1863 • Adam Gurowski

... acted third parts, I heard you: you broke down, and I hissed: you have worked as a statesman for the enemy, I for my country. I pass by the rest; but this very day I am on my probation for a crown, and am acknowledged to be innocent of all offence; while you are already judged to be a pettifogger, and the question is, whether you shall continue that trade, or at once be silenced by not getting a fifth part of the votes. A happy fortune, do you see, you have enjoyed, that you ...
— The Art of Public Speaking • Dale Carnagey (AKA Dale Carnegie) and J. Berg Esenwein

... anxious for the fulfilment of his bond. The parties met at Mr. Bagsby's chambers to consult, the Black Gentleman foolishly thinking that he could act as his own counsel, and fearing no attorney alive. But mark the superiority of British law, and see how the black pettifogger was defeated. ...
— George Cruikshank • William Makepeace Thackeray

... pesca fishery. pescador fisherman. pescuezo neck. peseta silver coin (one fifth of a Spanish dollar). peso weight. pestanear to move the eyelashes, blink. petrificar to petrify. petulancia presumption, impertinence. piadoso pious, merciful, compassionate. picapleitos pettifogger. picar to prick, sting, mince, nibble. picardia rascality, deceit. picaro knavish, roguish, villainous. pichon -a pigeon, dove, darling. pie m. foot. piedad f. piety, pity. piedra stone. piel f. ...
— Novelas Cortas • Pedro Antonio de Alarcon

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