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Natural action   /nˈætʃərəl ˈækʃən/   Listen
Natural action

A process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings).  Synonyms: action, activity, natural process.  "Volcanic activity"

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"Natural action" Quotes from Famous Books

... upon the island, and this would immediately result in the discovery of his tent, his pile of salvage from the brig, the hut, and all the litter upon the beach; and as it was consequently impossible to conceal the fact of his presence upon the island, he judged that the natural action of such a castaway as himself would be to eagerly seize the first opportunity to communicate ...
— Dick Leslie's Luck - A Story of Shipwreck and Adventure • Harry Collingwood

... pecuniary annoyance in the midst of his grief. Touched by this delicate attention, Balthazar would, he thought, praise his goodness and his personal qualities to Marguerite. In this he was mistaken. Monsieur Claes and his daughter thought it was a very natural action, and their sorrow was too absorbing to let them even ...
— The Alkahest • Honore de Balzac

... the first place, they must be produced by natural action in pre-existing material, ...
— On the Genesis of Species • St. George Mivart

... Bathurst's desertion of her. To have remained in the boat would have been certain death, while he could have been of no assistance to her or anyone else. That he should escape, then, if he could, now seemed to her a perfectly natural action; she hoped that some of the others had done the same, and that Bathurst was not ...
— Rujub, the Juggler • G. A. Henty

... healthy tissue and store up vital energy. A whole bottle of Fruitola is to be taken at once; this to be followed by small doses of Traxo to complete the strengthening and toning effect on the stomach, to insure regular, natural action of bowels and kidneys and to give permanence to all the benefits of the treatment. The gentle action of Traxo on the kidneys removes waste and by keeping the liver active it frees the general circulation of bile—it clears the eye and complexion ...
— The Handy Cyclopedia of Things Worth Knowing - A Manual of Ready Reference • Joseph Triemens

... scanty provision a mite for the culture of his mind at school? If we look back upon the progress of things in this country since the Reformation, we shall find, that instruction has never been severed from moral influences and purposes, and the natural action of circumstances, in the way that is now attempted. Our forefathers established, in abundance, free grammar schools; but for a distinctly understood religious purpose. They were designed to provide against a relapse of the nation into Popery, by diffusing a knowledge of the languages in which the ...
— The Prose Works of William Wordsworth • William Wordsworth

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