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Lead astray   /lɛd əstrˈeɪ/   Listen
Lead astray

Teach immoral behavior to.  Synonym: lead off.
Lead someone in the wrong direction or give someone wrong directions.  Synonyms: misdirect, misguide, mislead.
Cause someone to believe an untruth.  Synonyms: betray, deceive.

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"Lead astray" Quotes from Famous Books

... safety for either man or woman except in total abstinence. The debauche knows the effect of wine, and uses that knowledge to lead astray the young girl who, if herself, would find no charm in his blandishments, but who, after the wine supper, has no will ...
— What a Young Woman Ought to Know • Mary Wood-Allen

... until you turn your face to that Master, and so receive on your susceptible and waiting heart the warmth and the radiance which He only can bestow. 'Believe in the light.' Trust it; or rather, trust Him who is it. He cannot deceive. This light from heaven can never lead astray. Absolutely we may rely upon it; unconditionally we must follow it. Lean upon Him—to take another metaphor—with all your weight. His arm is strong to bear the burden of our weaknesses, sorrows, and, above all, our sins. 'While ye have light, ...
— Expositions of Holy Scripture - St. John Chapters I to XIV • Alexander Maclaren

... was again followed by deep silence. Tyope was indeed a fascinating speaker. The maseua and the Hishtanyi Chayan were the only ones whom his oratorical talent could not lead astray. He proceeded in ...
— The Delight Makers • Adolf Bandelier

... moon shines in heaven (Where else it should shine I don't know), And like fire-flies the Pleiades seven Are winking at mortals below: Let them wink, if they like it, for ever, My heart they will ne'er lead astray; Nor the soft silken memories sever, Which bind me to ...
— Sagittulae, Random Verses • E. W. Bowling

... "A spear will not harm him who knows how to ward it off, and a deceitful road will not lead astray the sage who knows the word of truth. But how wilt Thou manage to make stones in the wall move apart before thee, and columns change into doors ...
— The Pharaoh and the Priest - An Historical Novel of Ancient Egypt • Boleslaw Prus

... it altogether worthily than in aiding to give outcome, shape and operation to the sonship and brotherhood in me. I have not yet found how best to use it all; and I will do nothing in haste, which is the very opposite of divine, and sure to lead astray; but I keep thinking in order to find out, and it will one day be revealed to me. God who has laid the burden on me will enable me to bear it until he shows me how ...
— Weighed and Wanting • George MacDonald

... Lord!... The Serpent! The beautiful, glittering Serpent, With his beautiful, glittering words, He, Lord, did lead astray The weak Woman!" ...
— The First Violin - A Novel • Jessie Fothergill

Words linked to "Lead astray" :   profane, lead by the nose, direct, pose, impersonate, slang, subvert, vitiate, conduct, debauch, demoralize, personate, befool, pull the wool over someone's eyes, debase, fool, cod, dupe, take in, lead, corrupt, deprave, put on, bamboozle, put one over, snow, guide, undeceive, play false, misinform, hoodwink, gull, put one across, take, pervert, demoralise

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