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Handcuff   /hˈændkˌəf/   Listen

(past & past part. handcuffed; pres. part. handcuffing)
Confine or restrain with or as if with manacles or handcuffs.  Synonyms: cuff, manacle.

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"Handcuff" Quotes from Famous Books

... you men, and handcuff him." roared the chief. "Then we'll go through the rest of the store, and see ...
— The High School Captain of the Team - Dick & Co. Leading the Athletic Vanguard • H. Irving Hancock

... you," he said. "You've no orders to thrash me, have you? Nor even to handcuff me? That being ...
— The Teeth of the Tiger • Maurice Leblanc

... said Mr. Grimm courteously. "If you will pardon me I might suggest that it is needless to attract attention by your present attitude. You may—I say you may—compel me to humiliate you." The prince glared at him angrily. "I mean handcuff you," ...
— Elusive Isabel • Jacques Futrelle

... curious relic of bygone times, consisting of an iron handcuff or ring, fastened to some woodwork in the banqueting hall. If a person refused to drink the liquor assigned to him, or committed an offence against the convivial customs at the festive gatherings for which this ancient mansion was ...
— Bygone Punishments • William Andrews

... partition here was of soft pine board, an inch thick, and he saw that he should have little trouble in cutting his way through. A voice was now heard at the forecastle companion-way, and he had just time to put his right hand into its handcuff (the left had not been removed) and to draw the rope in a slipknot around his ankle, when Dirk Peters came below, followed by Tiger, who immediately leaped into the berth and lay down. The dog had ...
— The Works of Edgar Allan Poe - Volume 3 (of 5) of the Raven Edition • Edgar Allan Poe

... going in now. Remember—no matter what I say or do, no one is to leave that building if they're conscious. And keep your eyes on me; if I act in the least peculiar, handcuff me—but don't ...
— The Penal Cluster • Ivar Jorgensen (AKA Randall Garrett)

... abruptly. "Gorski, Hotel Roma!" was the answer. This was enough for the officer. Eyraud was know{sic} to have passed as "Gorski," the Hotel Roma had already been searched as one of his hiding-places. To seize and handcuff "Gorski" was the work of a moment. An examination of the luggage left by the so-called Gorski at his last hotel and a determined attempt at suicide made by their prisoner during the night proved conclusively that to the Spanish police was the credit ...
— A Book of Remarkable Criminals • H. B. Irving

... who'll take your information; and I've no doubt but Thames Darrell will be fully committed. Now, for the cage, my pretty canary-bird. Before we start, I'll accommodate you with a pair of ruffles." And he proceeded to handcuff his captive. ...
— Jack Sheppard - A Romance • William Harrison Ainsworth

... but none of these are as safe, sure, and useful as the bow-line. One of these knots, known as the "Tomfool Knot" (Fig. 66), is used as handcuffs and has become quite famous, owing to its having baffled a number of "Handcuff Kings" and other performers who readily escaped from common knots and manacles. It is made like the running knot (Fig. 62), and the firm end is then passed through the open, simple knot so as to form a double loop or bow. If the ...
— Knots, Splices and Rope Work • A. Hyatt Verrill

... and now he took the chance of playing it on his ankle, to see if there was any chance of escape. He hooded the light with his hand and looked carefully. But what he saw was not encouraging. The steel band looked most formidable. It was on the handcuff principle and any attempt to work his foot loose would only make the grip tighter and increase his suffering. His spirits fell at that. Then the only thing his brief immunity would do for him would be to keep him in ...
— Facing the German Foe • Colonel James Fiske

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