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Give off   /gɪv ɔf/   Listen
Give off

Have as a by-product.
Give off, send forth, or discharge; as of light, heat, or radiation, vapor, etc..  Synonyms: emit, give out.

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"Give off" Quotes from Famous Books

... lowest organisms which cannot properly be termed either plants or animals. This short trunk soon separates into two large trunks, one of which represents the vegetable and the other the animal kingdom. Each of these trunks then gives off large branches signifying classes, and these give off smaller, but more numerous branches, signifying families, which ramify again into orders, genera, and finally into the leaves, which may be taken to represent species. Now, in such a representative tree of life, the height of any branch from the ground ...
— The Scientific Evidences of Organic Evolution • George John Romanes

... emanations. The prejudice is a wholesome one; for we all know that most of the elements forming common illuminating gas are worthless except to convey the very small amount of light-giving material, and that these elements in combustion vitiate the air and give off deleterious products which corrode, tarnish and destroy. Now though Buddhist doctrine may have been the light of India, yet to reach the Northern and Eastern nations of Asia it had, apparently, to be adulterated for conveyance, as much as is the illuminating gas in our cities. ...
— The Religions of Japan - From the Dawn of History to the Era of Meiji • William Elliot Griffis

... always separate from the zinc used in the reduction, which float about in the acid liquid for a long time and give off minute gas bubbles. If poured into the solution of sodium acetate, they would contaminate the precipitate; and when dissolved in hydrochloric acid, would occasion a slight escape of hydrogen. The solution of chromous chloride must therefore ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 497, July 11, 1885 • Various

... bronchus is about 25 degrees, and its length unbranched in the adult is about 2.5 cm. The deviation of the left main bronchus is about 75 degrees and its adult length is about 5 cm. The right bronchus considered as a stem, may be said to give off three branches, the epiarterial, upper- or superior-lobe bronchus; the middle-lobe bronchus; and the continuation downward, called the lower- or inferior-lobe bronchus, which gives off dorsal, ventral and lateral branches. ...
— Bronchoscopy and Esophagoscopy - A Manual of Peroral Endoscopy and Laryngeal Surgery • Chevalier Jackson

... off his first glass with a quaff, laughing and waving it empty before her face to give off ...
— Gaslight Sonatas • Fannie Hurst

... government. Her rule was quiet, strong, and generous. She was not seeking her own way. She was steering the poor domestic ship of Manchester House, illuminating its dark rooms with her own sure, radiant presence: her silver-white hair, and her pale, heavy, reposeful face seemed to give off a certain radiance. She seemed to give weight, ballast, and repose to the staggering and bewildered home. She controlled the maid, and suggested the meals—meals which James ate without knowing what he ate. She brought in flowers and books, and, very rarely, a visitor. ...
— The Lost Girl • D. H. Lawrence

... to accumulate in odd corners and become offensive. The stumps of Cabbages and Cauliflowers give off most obnoxious odours, and neighbours ought not to be annoyed by want of thought in one particular garden. The short and easy way with all soft decaying rubbish is to put it at the bottom of a trench when preparing land for planting. There it ceases to be a nuisance and ...
— The Culture of Vegetables and Flowers From Seeds and Roots, 16th Edition • Sutton and Sons

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