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Get dressed   /gɛt drɛst/   Listen
Get dressed

Put on clothes.  Synonym: dress.  "Dress the patient" , "Can the child dress by herself?"

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"Get dressed" Quotes from Famous Books

... man sank even deeper toward the floor. "Never mind," he said. "Go get dressed, tell Tony you got the number five spot in the ...
— Occasion for Disaster • Gordon Randall Garrett

... "Get dressed, sir. There's bad work coming, the gale's worse, and there's a brig trying to work north. He'll never get round the point. You go nor'ard and rouse the Hundalee men, and I'll go south and rouse the ...
— The Romance of the Coast • James Runciman

... counterpart. A respectable, fat citizen dreams one night that he is to experience the great triumph of his life. He is to be presented before the duke's throne as the greatest of heroes. He dreams that he cannot get dressed, that he cannot get his head attended to, because, as a matter of fact, his head is not his own excellent head, but the head of an ass with long ears, a snout, and hair that itches. 'This is exactly like a fairy tale of ...
— An Essay Toward a History of Shakespeare in Norway • Martin Brown Ruud

... his whirling thoughts, Malone opened his eyes, winced, and began to get dressed. At least, he thought, it was going to be ...
— Brain Twister • Gordon Randall Garrett

... it," answered Aggie emphatically, and she undid the last stubborn hook of Zoie's gown and put the girl from her. "There, now, you're all unfastened," she said, "hurry and get dressed." ...
— Baby Mine • Margaret Mayo

... again and I no longer felt quite so irked. She'd replaced the comb with an inoffensive-looking pair of light pliers and was doing up her hair with the metal shavings. And I was acting as if content to watch her, as in a way I was. I'd still made no move to get dressed. ...
— The Night of the Long Knives • Fritz Reuter Leiber

... face took away her breath; at least, she did not find her voice soon enough for him to hear her call out—she did not like to shout loud because of her mother—as he turned away. Or it seemed so, for that was the only way she could account for his walking away so abruptly. In her hurry to get dressed and follow him, she caught up an undergarment that lay on the floor, without seeing that her own foot was on the tape that was to secure it, and a rip and partial disruption was the consequence. Never mind, it would hold up till she came in. Or, if it didn't, where was that safety-pin that ...
— Somehow Good • William de Morgan

... "You'd better get dressed and come down-stairs and never mind your imaginings," said Marilla as soon as she could get a word in edgewise. "Breakfast is waiting. Wash your face and comb your hair. Leave the window up and turn your bedclothes back over the foot of the bed. Be ...
— Anne Of Green Gables • Lucy Maud Montgomery

... life with a ghastly name like Nutcombe as a compliment to him, haven't I? I wrote to him regularly at Christmas and on his birthday, didn't I? Well, then! I have a feeling there will be a letter from the lawyers to-day. I wish you would get dressed and go down to the post-office while I'm fetching that infernal water. I can't think why the fools haven't cabled. You would have supposed they would ...
— Uneasy Money • P.G. Wodehouse

... big red-letter day; viz., the Lord Mayor's reception. The whole house upset. I had to get dressed at half-past six, as Carrie wanted the room to herself. Mrs. James had come up from Sutton to help Carrie; so I could not help thinking it unreasonable that she should require the entire attention of Sarah, the servant, as well. Sarah ...
— The Diary of a Nobody • George Grossmith and Weedon Grossmith

... for twenty-five minutes and the chances are he'll stop in various saloons before he tries to find Whitmore. I'll have my car here in ten minutes and we'll proceed at once to Whitmore's office and wait for him. Now hurry and get dressed." ...
— The Substitute Prisoner • Max Marcin

... "I'll hurry and get dressed," agreed Mrs. Peabody, giving a last satisfied glance at the porch. "I declare, I never saw your beat, Betty, for making things ...
— Betty Gordon in Washington • Alice B. Emerson

... her vivacious self once more, with gentle fingers (Oh, hard not to love Aunt Isabel!) helped Missy get dressed for supper. ...
— Missy • Dana Gatlin

... Since her childhood she had retained one custom, that of rising the instant she had drunk her cafe au lait in the morning. But now she would lie down again and begin to dream, and as she was daily growing more lazy, Rosalie would come and oblige her to get up and almost force her to get dressed. ...
— Une Vie, A Piece of String and Other Stories • Guy de Maupassant

... sheriff. Just you wait till I get dressed." Peter laced his shoes, put on his hat, and laid tie, coat, and vest negligently across the hollow of his arm. "I can't do my tie good unless I got a looking-glass," he explained, and paused to light a cigar. "Have one, sheriff," he said ...
— Copper Streak Trail • Eugene Manlove Rhodes

... "that Wanaka told us last night that in a field not far away there were loads and loads of wild strawberries that we could pick? I think I'll get dressed and see if I can't get enough for ...
— A Campfire Girl's First Council Fire - The Camp Fire Girls In the Woods • Jane L. Stewart

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