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Fight back   /faɪt bæk/   Listen
Fight back

Defend oneself.
Fight against or resist strongly.  Synonyms: defend, fight, fight down, oppose.  "Don't fight it!"

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"Fight back" Quotes from Famous Books

... overjoyed when the reinforcements did arrive. "Now we can really begin to work," he told me. "Now we can begin to fight back in a big way. No more of this sneaking around, doing fiddling ...
— The Man Who Played to Lose • Laurence Mark Janifer

... moments Marian had heard Katy's trouble—struggling hard to fight back the giddy faintness she felt stealing over her, as she thought of nursing ...
— Family Pride - Or, Purified by Suffering • Mary J. Holmes

... shoulder, and how his recklessness and daring won him the admiration of those wild times, until the raw red liquor of Alaska downed him "for the count," is but the beginning of the tale; for with him, we are carried into the Northern night and fight the long fight back to manhood till purged by the cleansing cruelty of ...
— The Man in the Twilight • Ridgwell Cullum

... "It would be a much more pleasant death. I don't think much of walking out and standing over my own grave and letting somebody shoot at me without a chance to fight back." ...
— The boy Allies at Liege • Clair W. Hayes

... and finally decided to take him down and turn him over to one whom they called Joe. Casey went along peaceably, hopeful that he would later have a chance to fight back. He told himself that they both had heads like peanuts, and whenever they moved, he swore, he could hear their brains rattle in their skulls. It doesn't take brains to shoot straight, and he decided that the lanky young man was ...
— The Trail of the White Mule • B. M. Bower

... Although you carry some guns, if attacked do not fight back unless absolutely necessary. Show the enemy your heels, if possible. However, if you do have to fight, fight as the true ...
— The Boy Allies Under Two Flags • Ensign Robert L. Drake

... to give his foes the least chance to fight back, the slightest hope of battle. He would use any advantage, descend to any wile. This was not to be a sportsmen's war, but a grim battle to ...
— The Sky Line of Spruce • Edison Marshall

... son-in-law lives right now in a place in York State called 'Skunk's Hollow' and the city folks that's movin' in there is tryin' to git the post office to change the name to 'Posy Bloom.' No 'countin' for tastes in names. My poor mother called me Mahala Ann—an' me too leetle to fight back. But I made up my mind when I was a mighty leetle gal that if ever I had a baby I'd call it sumthin' pretty. An' I done the right ...
— Janice Day at Poketown • Helen Beecher Long

... this place at once. It will be a death-trap when the moon rises. There are some boulders higher up, away to the right. We can occupy them till morning and fight back to back if they try to rush us. There ought to be plenty of ...
— Rosa Mundi and Other Stories • Ethel M. Dell

... come, Marse George went to fight back in Virginny. Us all thought de Yankees was some kin' of debils an' we was ...
— Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves - Mississippi Narratives • Works Projects Administration

... folks," she warned almost commandingly as the old heli landed in the desert a few miles from the Station. "What would you do—if outsiders came blundering into your world by the hundreds, making trails, killing you with fire? At first, they didn't even fight back." ...
— The Planet Strappers • Raymond Zinke Gallun

... is yet time let us form up in a wedge and go through that line. Then shall we fight back to back, and shall have some advantage. I and my men, who have ...
— King Alfred's Viking - A Story of the First English Fleet • Charles W. Whistler

... the mob which accused their meek Christian neighbours of every conceivable crime, (such as slaughtering and eating babies, bringing about sickness and pestilence, betraying the country in times of danger) because it was a harmless sport and devoid of danger, as the Christians refused to fight back. ...
— The Story of Mankind • Hendrik van Loon

... form for the customers to fight back. Juanita Haydock cheerfully jabbered, "You have it there by twelve or I'll snatch that fresh delivery-boy bald-headed." But Carol had never been able to play the game of friendly rudeness; and now she was certain that she never would ...
— Main Street • Sinclair Lewis

... of foolish rebellion. He was always worsted, but he fought back because it was his nature to fight back. And he was unconquerable. Yelping shrilly from the pain of lash and club, he none the less contrived always to throw in the defiant snarl, the bitter vindictive menace of his soul which fetched without fail more blows and ...
— The Faith of Men • Jack London

... If resistance came, if an attack were made, they were to fight back at once, with every weapon at ...
— The Black Star Passes • John W Campbell

... hankerin' to be a doc. Something about the idea of cuttin' into a man that always sort of tickled me. They's only one main thing that holds me back—I don't like the idea of knifin' a feller when he ain't got a chance to fight back! ...
— The Night Horseman • Max Brand

... Bill sarcastically. "I wisht, Ford, next time you bowl up, you'd pick on somebody that ain't too good a friend to fight back! I'm ...
— The Uphill Climb • B. M. Bower

Words linked to "Fight back" :   struggle, fight down, stand, repel, rebuff, repulse, drive back, stand firm, fight, hold out, recalcitrate, fend, withstand, fight off, oppose, resist, contend, defend

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