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Fertilize   /fˈərtəlˌaɪz/   Listen

(past & past part. fertilized; pres. part. fertilizing)
Provide with fertilizers or add nutrients to.  Synonyms: feed, fertilise.
Make fertile or productive.  Synonyms: fecundate, fertilise.
Introduce semen into (a female).  Synonyms: fecundate, fertilise, inseminate.

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"Fertilize" Quotes from Famous Books

... insecurity of paper money a disadvantage which more than counterbalances its cheapness. (Considerations on the State of the Currency, 1829, 85.) On the doubts of Jefferson and Gallatin, see Wolowski, Enquete, 170, seq. Webster called paper money "the most effectual of inventions to fertilize the rich man's field by the sweat of the poor man's brow." Tout papier monnaie par lui meme est un mensonage. (M. Chevalier, Cours, III, 428.) M. Niebuhr calls banks a poison which should be used with moderation. (Bankrevolution und Bankreform, 1846, 37.) Compare ...
— Principles Of Political Economy • William Roscher

... contrivances; and while they exist the doctrine of purpose or final cause is not likely to die out. Now, in the contrasted case, that of pine-trees, the vast superabundance of pollen would be sheer waste if the intention was to fertilize the seeds of the same tree, or if there were any provision for insect-carriage; but with wide-breeding as the end, and the wind which "bloweth where it listeth" as the means, no one is entitled to declare ...
— Darwiniana - Essays and Reviews Pertaining to Darwinism • Asa Gray

... Heaven, being at once most healthy, and such as to animate and inspirit the senses and the imagination: it is an endless succession of the most lovely skins, without any interruption, except by those rains which are necessary to nourish and fertilize. The winters are mild, without fogs, and with sufficient sunshine to render fires almost unnecessary. The springs answer to the ordinary weather of May in other kingdoms. The summer and autumn—with the ...
— Travels through the South of France and the Interior of Provinces of Provence and Languedoc in the Years 1807 and 1808 • Lt-Col. Pinkney

... red, and the author carefully keeps a cardinal silk handkerchief that he was carrying when stricken with apoplexy at the age of seventy-eight. "It was so like him," she comments, "to have that scrap of vivid colour in his pocket. He never was too busy to fertilize a flower bed or to dig holes for the setting of a tree or bush. A word constantly on his lips was 'tidy.' It applied equally to a woman, a house, a field, or a barn lot. He had a streak of genius in his make-up: the genius of large appreciation. ...
— At the Foot of the Rainbow • Gene Stratton-Porter

... Christianity dates from the day Constantine embraced it, and thereby made it popular. Prosperity is a form of disintegration—a ripening of the fruit. Things succeed only that they may wither. The business of every great religion is to die, and thus fertilize others. The Jew has survived every foe save success. Civilization is now adopting him, and Liberal Judaism is fast becoming a Universal Religion, taught in fact, if not in name, by priests, preachers and muftis of all denominations. The end of the Jew is near—he ...
— Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great, Volume 11 (of 14) - Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Businessmen • Elbert Hubbard

... way as those we're building, and always belong to the workmen. As we can't be suspected of trying to make profits, we should be suitable people for its management, and it would help on the cooperative company. In that way the refuse of former times would fertilize the ...
— Pelle the Conqueror, Complete • Martin Andersen Nexo

... through the fear of their lives, dared to do. Yet was not this child of obedience disappointed of his reward. For while he received the seed of obedience, he brought forth unto himself the fruit of patience, and deserved to fertilize strange lands, even with the seed of the divine Word, to the flourishing of the flowers of faith and the fruits of justice; and the more devotedly he obeyed his spiritual father, the more marvellously did the elements obey him. And having fulfilled there twice forty days, and being wearied with ...
— The Most Ancient Lives of Saint Patrick - Including the Life by Jocelin, Hitherto Unpublished in America, and His Extant Writings • Various

... vegetable and animal matters (except ashes) which are used to fertilize the soil. Vegetable manures supply carbonic acid, and inorganic matter to plants. Animal manures supply the same ...
— The Elements of Agriculture - A Book for Young Farmers, with Questions Prepared for the Use of Schools • George E. Waring

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