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An informal alliance between countries.  Synonym: entente cordiale.
A friendly understanding between political powers.  Synonym: entente cordiale.

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"Entente" Quotes from Famous Books

... Canadian Liberalism an instrument of Empire, a bi-racial Government a final proof of the eternal wisdom of the British North America Act, and a measure of reciprocity a safeguard of Anglo-American entente. ...
— The Masques of Ottawa • Domino

... and sum and chief of my request And hool substance of my ful entente You thankyng euer of your graunt & hest Bot[h] now and euer that ye me grace sent To conquer hym that neuer shal repent Me for to serue and humblye for to please As fynal tresour of ...
— The Temple of Glass • John Lydgate

... friends with the English. As we go along, however, we gradually get upon better terms, we discover a twinkle in the hard, grey eyes, and the day ends with an exchange of walking-sticks and a renewal of the Entente. May my cane grow into a ...
— A Visit to Three Fronts • Arthur Conan Doyle

... L'Ambassadeur d'Allemagne, tres impressionne par ces divulgations, a visite aujourd'hui le Gerant du Departement Politique pour lui dire que ses paroles n'avaient nullement eu le caractere de menace qu'on leur attribue. Il a declare que l'Autriche avait presente sa note a la Serbie sans entente precise avec Berlin, mais que cependant l'Allemagne approuvait le point de vue de l'Autriche et que certainement 'la fleche une fois partie' (ce sont la ses propres paroles), l'Allemagne ne pouvait se laisser guider que ...
— Why We Are At War (2nd Edition, revised) • Members of the Oxford Faculty of Modern History

... experts is eagerly sought and constantly employed by the admiralties of the Allied nations. When the naval history of this war is given to the world in freest detail we shall know just how much our officers have had to do with the strategy of operations adopted by all the Entente navies. It is not violating either ethics or confidence, however, to say that our influence in this respect has been very potent and that the names of Admiral William S. Benson, chief of operations, Vice-Admiral William S. Sims, Admiral Henry T. Mayo, and ...
— Our Navy in the War • Lawrence Perry

... to make Germany desist from the unrestricted U-boat warfare, the advantage would have been very great; whether we joined in or not was a matter of indifference viewed from the standpoint of our treatment by the Entente, as is proved by the instance of Bulgaria. As soon as America had declared war on Germany, a conflict with us was inevitable in any case, as Austro-Hungarian troops and artillery were then on the Western front ...
— In the World War • Count Ottokar Czernin

... L'ENTENTE CORDIALE.—A portion of the French Fleet is soon to be entertained on English shores. The first of these vessels sighted as it approaches will be sufficient evidence of their ...
— Punch, Or The London Charivari, Vol. 101, August 1, 1891 • Various

... have remained no longer had it been for him to say, he desiring now to make it a favor and concession on her part to aid him professionally, she gravely insisting on professionalism as the basis of whatever entente might develop between them, as well as the only avowed excuse for her presence ...
— Between Friends • Robert W. Chambers

... therefore, better able to understand and interpret American ways! He asked me one day whether I thought Wilson was neutral. He said he had been told the President was pro-English. He believed, he said, that everything the President had done so far showed he sympathised with the Entente. While we were talking I recalled what the President's stenographer, Charles L. Swem, said one day when we were going to New ...
— Germany, The Next Republic? • Carl W. Ackerman

... schal beginne, Fro which a man schal nevere twinne; 660 Or al to peine or al to pes That world schal lasten endeles. Lo thus expondeth Daniel The kynges swevene faire and wel In Babiloyne the Cite, Wher that the wiseste of Caldee Ne cowthen wite what it mente; Bot he tolde al the hol entente, As in partie it is befalle. Of gold the ferste regne of alle 670 Was in that kinges time tho, And laste manye daies so, Therwhiles that the Monarchie Of al the world in that partie To Babiloyne was soubgit; ...
— Confessio Amantis - Tales of the Seven Deadly Sins, 1330-1408 A.D. • John Gower

... say be toke in his entente, his langage was so fayer & pertynante, yt semeth unto manys herying not only the worde, but veryly the ...
— The Gilded Age, Complete • Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner

... Ireland there has been a revolt of labor it too often finds arrayed against it the press, the law, and the police. All the great powers are in entente. The press, without inquiry, begins a detestable cant about labor agitators misleading ignorant men. Every wild phrase uttered by an exasperated worker is quoted against the cause of labor, and its grievances are suppressed. We are told nothing about how the worker lives: what ...
— National Being - Some Thoughts on an Irish Polity • (A.E.)George William Russell

... name I think it best not to mention, expressed in private his sorrow, not only for the deed itself, but for the mistaken policy which he saw, even then, would completely turn in the end the sympathies of America to the Entente Allies. And there were others,—among the intellectuals, and, especially, among the merchants of Hamburg and Frankfort who had travelled in the outer world both on pleasure and business, who realised what a profound effect ...
— Face to Face with Kaiserism • James W. Gerard

... combined pressure of the Allies upon China? What policy has been followed to solve the Chinese Question? When the European War is terminated and peace restored we are not concerned so much with the question whether it be the Dual Monarchies or the Triple Entente which emerge victorious but whether, in anticipation of the future expansion of European influence in the Continents of Europe and Asia, the Imperial Japanese Government should or should not hesitate to employ force to check the movement before this occurrence. Now is the most opportune moment ...
— The Fight For The Republic In China • B.L. Putnam Weale

... my one anchor of safety!" gasped the wondering Johnstone, as Alan Hawke came dashing into the grounds. In half an hour, the broken entente cordiale was restored, and Johnstone had slipped away and ...
— A Fascinating Traitor • Richard Henry Savage

... perfidious Albion," said Savarin, gayly, "we feared you had deserted the French alliance. Welcome back to Paris, and the entente cordiale." ...
— The Parisians, Complete • Edward Bulwer-Lytton

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