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Digit   /dˈɪdʒət/  /dˈɪdʒɪt/   Listen

One of the elements that collectively form a system of numeration.  Synonym: figure.
The length of breadth of a finger used as a linear measure.  Synonyms: finger, finger's breadth, fingerbreadth.
A finger or toe in human beings or corresponding body part in other vertebrates.  Synonym: dactyl.

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"Digit" Quotes from Famous Books

... tax collection system, factory closings, the aftermaths of Hurricane Mitch of 1998 and the devastating earthquakes of early 2001, and weak world coffee prices. On the bright side, in recent years inflation has fallen to single digit levels, and total exports have grown substantially. The trade deficit has been offset by remittances (an estimated $1.6 billion in 2000) from Salvadorans living abroad and by external aid. As of 1 January 2001, the US dollar was made legal tender ...
— The 2002 CIA World Factbook • US Government

... He indicated the column with the plunging pressure of a stubby digit, and stood so close to her, while she toiled up the line of figures, that his breath ...
— When Egypt Went Broke • Holman Day

... metacarpal splints, and it is probable that these represent rudiments of the first and fifth digits. Thus the part of the horse's skeleton which corresponds with that of the human hand contains one overgrown middle digit, and at least two imperfect lateral digits; and these answer, respectively, to the third, the second, and the fourth digits ...
— Thomas Henry Huxley; A Sketch Of His Life And Work • P. Chalmers Mitchell

... as yet. There had hardly been time for his name to have become very widely known. Still, the feeling had been pleasant for the moment, and had given him an idea of what the rapture would be, when, wherever he went, the monster digit (to hint a classical phrase) of the collective admiring public would be lifted to point him out, and the whisper would pass from one to another, "That's ...
— The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table • Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (The Physician and Poet not the Jurist)

... outline, tournure, conformation, image, effigy, statue, bust, figurehead, likeness; numeral, digit, number; type, emblem, symbol; caryatid; atlantes, telamones; figurine; ...
— Putnam's Word Book • Louis A. Flemming

... is now one consonant still waiting for its digit, viz., "j," and one digit waiting for its consonant, viz., "3," the conclusion ...
— The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll • Stuart Dodgson Collingwood

... and patiently rubs the scales from sapphire and golden wings in order to be certain that the vination of the Ornithoptera is still underneath, is not the digit of inspiration," suggested Hamil. ...
— The Firing Line • Robert W. Chambers

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