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Cut back   /kət bæk/   Listen
Cut back

Return in time.  Synonym: flash back.
Cut down on; make a reduction in.  Synonyms: bring down, cut, cut down, reduce, trim, trim back, trim down.  "The employer wants to cut back health benefits"
Cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of.  Synonyms: clip, crop, dress, lop, prune, snip, trim.
Place restrictions on.  Synonyms: curb, curtail, restrict.

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"Cut back" Quotes from Famous Books

... Cloud sitting astride the small of his back, a very uncomfortable part of the body with which to support a weighty opponent. But he would not have minded that alone; but when Cloud arose his foot came into violent contact with Joel's head, which caused that youth to see stars, and left a small cut back of his ear. ...
— The Half-Back • Ralph Henry Barbour

... the stove plants that have done blooming should be cut back, such as the Eranthemum pulchellum, Euphorbia jacquiniflora, Geissomeria longiflora, Gesnera lateritia, Justicias, Linum trigynum, Poinsettia pulcherrima, and others. A bottom heat will be necessary when they are repotted, which may be ...
— In-Door Gardening for Every Week in the Year • William Keane

... space, waited ten seconds, then cut back. The scene before him changed. It seemed a different world. The light was very dim, so dim he could scarcely see the images on the view plate. They were so deep a red that they were very near to black. Even Sirius, the flaming blue-white star was red. The darting Thessian ships were moving ...
— Invaders from the Infinite • John Wood Campbell

... of the present moment. The road they travelled was not the one Leigh had taken that October afternoon when he made his bicycle trip to Hillside, but a parallel way about half a mile to the south. As they neared the other side of the valley, Emmet took a cross-cut back to the northern road and passed her house, without knowing that the place at which she glanced in passing was her home. She had no desire to tell him, for it seemed mean and homely in her eyes. She saw her father's ...
— The Mayor of Warwick • Herbert M. Hopkins

... gentle Abdul came, received certain instructions, and departed smiling till his great yellow fangs gleamed in the moonlight beneath the bristling moustache, cut back from the lips as that of a righteous Mussulman shikarri ...
— Snake and Sword - A Novel • Percival Christopher Wren

... Ordinarily, however, the season of profitable growth is not more than, say, 6 to 12 years when grown on upland soils. The meadows usually become more or less weedy or possessed by various grasses, and some of the plants die. The plants at first send up a single stem. When this matures or is cut back the uncut portion of the stem dies down to the crown of the plant, which then sends out other stems. This is repeated as often as the stems are cut down until many stems grow up from one plant as indicated above, unless the plants are so crowded that such multiplication is more or ...
— Clovers and How to Grow Them • Thomas Shaw

... he laughed. "Ho, ho! The saint-at-arms!" he mocked. "You'll be as skilled with weapons as with holiness!" And he advanced upon me in long stealthy strides. The width of the table was between us, and he smote at me across it. I parried, and cut back at him, for being armed now, I no more feared him than I should have feared a child. Little he knew of the swordcraft I had learnt from old Falcone, a thing which once learnt is never forgotten though lack of exercise may make ...
— The Strolling Saint • Raphael Sabatini

... a short-cut back. There was not a single building anywhere in sight, and the only moving thing was a herd of range cattle going slowly toward water. Through the silence came a deep, moaning sound, the most eerie, distressed sound I ever heard. I was passing an Indian cemetery, and beside a grave stood an ...
— Land of the Burnt Thigh • Edith Eudora Kohl

... found ourselves in a good-sized room, cut in the solid rock. There are five of these rooms, and so far as the appearance is concerned, one might suppose they had been made in modern times, but they are ancient. The bodies were usually buried in "pigeon-holes" cut back in the walls of the rooms, but there are some shelf tombs, which are sufficiently described in their name. One room seems never to have been completed, but there are burial places here for ...
— A Trip Abroad • Don Carlos Janes

... the first three or four flowers are usually worthless, cut them off before they fully expand. Hollyhocks may now be frequently supplied with liquid manure. Rose-trees will require looking after: give them plenty of rich food, and, when the "perpetual" flowering section has done blooming, cut back each shoot to about two or three buds from its base. Small pieces of grass will periodically need mowing, and this ought to be done with a proper mowing-machine, as a pair of shears invariably causes an irregular and jagged after-growth. All unsightly vegetation, ...
— Little Folks (July 1884) - A Magazine for the Young • Various

... ran too, when he heard the news—straight to my house abandoned, by the short cut back of ...
— A Village of Vagabonds • F. Berkeley Smith

... possible and hardly to be desired that it should never overflow the limits of perfect moderation; if it is to be controlled, there must be something to control, in pruning there must be some strong shoots to cut back, and in toning down there must be some over-gaudy colours to subdue. It is better that there should be too much life than too little, and better that criticism should find something vigorous enough to lay hold of, rather than something which cannot be felt at all. This is the time to teach children ...
— The Education of Catholic Girls • Janet Erskine Stuart

... two edges; it can cut back-stroke and fore-stroke. If it doth thee no good, it will do thee hurt; it is 'the savour of life unto life' to those that receive it, but of 'death unto death' to them that refuse it (2 Cor 2:15,16). But this ...
— The Works of John Bunyan • John Bunyan

Words linked to "Cut back" :   thin out, pinch, poll, inflate, thin, retrench, immobilise, abridge, shorten, downsize, top, return, knock off, limit, confine, immobilize, lessen, pollard, circumscribe, quench, decrease, deflate, shave, dress, minify, detract, shear, clip, subtract, cutback, slash, disbud, take away, curtail, spill, trim back

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