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Cupid's bow   /kjˈupɪdz baʊ/   Listen
Cupid's bow

The double curve of the upper lip when considered to resemble Cupid's bow.
A curved bow with reversed curve ends.

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"Cupid's bow" Quotes from Famous Books

... his letter to Mrs. Bold, he proceeded to call upon the Signora Neroni. Indeed, it was hard to say which was the old love and which the new, Mr. Slope having been smitten with both so nearly at the same time. Perhaps he thought it not amiss to have two strings to his bow. But two strings to Cupid's bow are always dangerous to him on whose behalf they are to be used. A man should remember that between two stools he may fall ...
— Barchester Towers • Anthony Trollope

... a charming picture. Her heavy fur coat had fallen open, disclosing her full round throat, very brown against the V-shaped opening of her white silk blouse. Her mouth was a perfect cupid's bow, the upper lip slightly drawn up over her dazzlingly white teeth. Before Desmond could answer her question, if answer were needed, her mood had swiftly changed again. She put her hand out, a little brown hand, and laying it on his shoulder, looked up appealingly ...
— Okewood of the Secret Service • Valentine Williams

... lips. Stein's moist lip rouge, medium. If the lips are left their natural color the footlights bleach them white and colorless. Shape the upper lip into a cupid's bow and round out the lower lip. Dip the little finger into the rouge and press it tightly against the lips, being careful not to smear it; open the mouth and draw the upper lip tight over the teeth. When necessary the upper lip can be shortened in appearance ...
— The Art of Stage Dancing - The Story of a Beautiful and Profitable Profession • Ned Wayburn

... she can no more detain him; 577 The poor fool prays her that he may depart: She is resolv'd no longer to restrain him, Bids him farewell, and look well to her heart, 580 The which, by Cupid's bow she doth protest, He carries thence incaged ...
— Venus and Adonis • William Shakespeare

... mask. I wonder if I had not ever seen her without her glasses if I should have realized now that she is very pretty—I can see her prettiness even with them on—her nose is so exquisitely fine, and the mouth a Cupid's bow really—if one can imagine a Cupid's bow very firm. I am sure if she were dressed as Odette, or Alice, or Coralie, she would be lovely. This morning when she first came I began thinking of this and ...
— Man and Maid • Elinor Glyn

... biscuit to be presented to her. And it was presented, for Vanslyperken knew no other way of appeasing her wrath. Gradually the storm was allayed—the flush of anger disappeared, the corners of the scornfully-turned-down mouth, were turned up again—Cupid's bow was no longer bent in anger, and the widow's bosom slept as when the ocean sleeps, like "an unweaned child." The biscuit bags were brought in by Smallbones, their contents stored, and harmony restored. Once more was Mr Vanslyperken upon ...
— Snarleyyow • Captain Frederick Marryat

... crested waves and clung about the temples in tiny circling ringlets, delicate as the faintest shading of a crayon pencil. Heavily fringed lids that lent mysterious depths to the great brown eyes that were sorrowful beyond their years. A mouth made for kisses—a perfect Cupid's bow; in color, the red of the pomegranate—such was Anna Moore, the great lady's young kinswoman, who was getting her first glimpse of the world ...
— 'Way Down East - A Romance of New England Life • Joseph R. Grismer

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