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Criminal offence

(criminal law) an act punishable by law; usually considered an evil act.  Synonyms: crime, criminal offense, law-breaking, offence, offense.

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Words linked to "Criminal offence" :   committal, stick up, treason, infraction, black marketeer, pyramid, violation, misdemeanour, plagiarise, traffic, thuggery, infringement, vice crime, high treason, nobble, commandeer, statutory offense, grease one's palms, crib, smuggle, attempt, rustle, scalp, transgression, black market, redeem, misdemeanor, forgery, corrupt, mug, hold up, regulatory offence, perpetration, palm off, skyjack, extort, cybercrime, shanghai, fob off, war crime, push, criminal law, buy, bribe, barratry, Had crime, pirate, abduct, mayhem, evildoing, fraud, pay off, law-breaking, capital offense, kick back, Tazir crime, plunder, rake off, plagiarize, carjack, run, highjack, blackmail, hijack, buy off, lift, attack, ransom, felony, bootleg, snatch, statutory offence, kidnap, victimless crime, regulatory offense, lese majesty, commission, loot, impress, foist off, shoplift

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