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Arrange attractively.  Synonyms: arrange, coif, coiffe, do, dress, set.

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"Coiffure" Quotes from Famous Books

... Hawk akcipitro. Hawk (for sale) kolporti. Hawthorn kratago. Hay fojno. Hay-loft fojnejo. Hazard hazardi. Hazard hazardo. Hazardous hazarda. Haze nebuleto. Hazel-nut avelo. He li. Head kapo. Headache kapdoloro. Head-dress (coiffure) kapvesto. Headland promontoro. Headlong senpripensa, e. Headstrong obstina. Heal kuraci. Health sano. Health, toast a toasti. Healthy sana. Heap amaso. Heap up amasigi. Hear auxdi. Hearken auxskulti. Hearse cxerkveturilo. Heart ...
— English-Esperanto Dictionary • John Charles O'Connor and Charles Frederic Hayes

... Heaps and heaps of blue-black coils and braids, a royal crown of swarthy bands, a veritable sable tiara, heavy, abundant, odorous. All the vitality that should have given color to her face seemed to have been absorbed by this marvellous hair. It was the coiffure of a queen that shadowed the pale temples of this little bourgeoise. So heavy was it that it tipped her head backward, and the position thrust her chin out a little. It was a charming poise, innocent, confiding, ...
— McTeague • Frank Norris

... in the door-way, stood Lida. She was dressed in a style quite different from her usual one. Instead of a fashionable coiffure, she wore her hair in a thick plait hanging down her back. Instead of an elegant costume she was wearing a loose gown of diaphanous texture, the simplicity of which alluringly heightened the ...
— Sanine • Michael Artzibashef

... crammed—as I afterwards learnt—a piece of hollow wood, weighing about a quarter of a pound, into which is fitted the wearer's back hair; so that perhaps, after all, there does exist a more in, convenient coiffure than ...
— Letters From High Latitudes • The Marquess of Dufferin (Lord Dufferin)

... according to their rank and dignity. Warriors seem to have used wide bands, tied behind the head with two knots, as we see in the statue of Chaacmol, and in the bas-reliefs that adorn the queen's chamber at Chichen. The king's coiffure was a peaked cap, that seems to have served as model for the pschent, that symbol of domination over the lower Egypt; with this difference, however, that in Mayab the point formed the front, and in Egypt ...
— Vestiges of the Mayas • Augustus Le Plongeon

... walking abroad in a procession), whom I looked at with extreme interest. She seemed to me a heroine, a solid Spanish person, as perfect a reality as Don Quixote or St. Theresa. She was dressed in an extraordinary splendor of laces, brocades, and jewels, her coiffure and complexion were of the finest, and she evidently would answer to her name if you spoke to her. Improving the stateliest title I could think of, I addressed her as Dona Maria of the Holy Office; whereupon she looked ...
— The Galaxy - Vol. 23, No. 1 • Various

... upraised arm rested. Davidge's eyes followed the strange and marvelous outline described by the lines of that arm, running into the sharp rise of a shoulder, like an apple against the throat, the bizarre shape of the head in its whimsical coiffure, the slope of the other shoulder carrying the caressing glance down that arm to the hand clasping a sheaf of outspread plumes against her knee, and on along to where one quaint impossible slipper with a fantastic high heel emerged from a stream of fabric that flowed on ...
— The Cup of Fury - A Novel of Cities and Shipyards • Rupert Hughes

... decomposition. The ornamentation of the coffins varied, but consisted generally of small figures of men, about six or seven inches in length, the most usual figure being a warrior with his arms akimbo and his legs astride, wearing on his head a coiffure, like that which is seen on the Parthian coins, and having a sword hanging from the belt. [PLATE ...
— The Seven Great Monarchies Of The Ancient Eastern World, Vol 6. (of 7): Parthia • George Rawlinson

... better than any one in the little black apron, to which the more coquettish were wont to hang their watches, the straight skirt—a severe and hard prescription at that period when fashion expanded women's figures with an infinity of flounces—the regulation coiffure, two plaits tied rather low, at the neck, after the manner ...
— The Nabob • Alphonse Daudet

... hast already led to the nuptial couch six or seven catamites; thou went seduced by their delicate coiffure and combed beards. Thou hast tried the loins and the members, resembling soaked leather, which could not be made to stand by all the efforts of the wearied hand; the pathic husband and effeminate bed thou ...
— The Satyricon, Complete • Petronius Arbiter

... skirt is tucked in all round, instead of being directly on the skin, as farther south. In further proof of the local civilization, the women wear false hair. One matron was obliging enough to undo her coiffure for our benefit, and held out by its end, for our admiring inspection, a mighty wisp nearly three feet long. She put it back on for us after the manner, as I have since been informed, of a coronet braid. The men gave fewer evidences of civilization, unless smoking cigars in holders ...
— The Head Hunters of Northern Luzon From Ifugao to Kalinga • Cornelis De Witt Willcox

... not foresee the change in Louise's appearance shortly to be worked by a scarf about her throat, a pretty dress, an elegant coiffure, and Mme. d'Espard's advice. As they came up the staircase even now, the Marquise told her cousin not to hold her handkerchief unfolded in her hand. Good or bad taste turns upon hundreds of such almost ...
— A Distinguished Provincial at Paris • Honore de Balzac

... to study very hard in order to earn our diplomas as nurses. Have you noticed our uniform? . . . It is most distinctive, and the white is so becoming both to blondes and brunettes. Then the cap which allows little curls over the ears—the fashionable coiffure—and the blue cape over the white suit, make a splendid contrast. With this outfit, a woman well shod, and with few jewels, may present a truly chic appearance. It is a mixture of nun and great lady which is ...
— The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse • Vicente Blasco Ibanez

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