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Booze   /buz/   Listen

An alcoholic beverage that is distilled rather than fermented.  Synonyms: hard drink, hard liquor, John Barleycorn, liquor, spirits, strong drink.

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"Booze" Quotes from Famous Books

... "We've gathered in the booze," Perk was saying proudly, "or most of it anyway, together with the rum-runner, and one o' the crew to turn State's evidence, so what else could we wish for—I for one don't feel greedy. Plenty more where this one came from, and the smuggling season is long. What we got to ...
— Eagles of the Sky - With Jack Ralston Along the Air Lanes • Ambrose Newcomb

... door, he stopped. "But I air not goin' to swig any more booze till we gets Andy Bishop an' I ...
— The Secret of the Storm Country • Grace Miller White

... as he stepped by her reaching out for butcher-knife and roast. "So you are dad's kind, are you? Hitting the booze every show you get. The Lord deliver me from his chief ...
— Man to Man • Jackson Gregory

... Western. Oh, they're Eastern too, but under a different name. It's a misleading term, that. As though one were fighting against booze like an anti-salooner. I actually know of a woman who came West and thought for or a long time that a "booze-fighter" was a "Dry." In the East he is a "rummy" and when he's ...
— Vignettes of San Francisco • Almira Bailey

... It's an even thing between the two of you; Literature and Liquor, Books and Booze, which can take a man's mind ...
— Back Home • Eugene Wood

... — 'TWAS self-denial — and I lectured him on booze, Using all the hackneyed arguments that preachers mostly use; Things I'd heard in temperance lectures (I was young and rather green), And I ended by referring to the man he might ...
— In the Days When the World Was Wide and Other Verses • Henry Lawson

... music sound as the boat goes round, If we tumble on the ground, we'll be merry, I'll be bound; We will booze it away, dull care we will defy, And be happy on ...
— Ancient Poems, Ballads and Songs of England • Robert Bell

... into hysterics. The physician who attended diagnosed the case more politely, but to the same effect, and ascertained that she had consumed something like half a bottle of a certain swamp root that afternoon. Now, swamp root is a very creditable 'booze,' but much weaker in alcohol than most of its class. The brother was greatly amused until he discovered, to his alarm, that his drink abhorring sister couldn't get along without her patent medicine bottle! She was in a fair way, quite innocently, of ...
— The Eugenic Marriage, Vol. 3 (of 4) - A Personal Guide to the New Science of Better Living and Better Babies • W. Grant Hague

... ye can skate on hell," a huge Irishman, one of half a dozen standing at Vorse's bar on Saturday night, remarked when the saloon-man uttered a sneer at the manager. "Say that agin and we'll tear your rotten booze joint to pieces and make ye eat it! And if another stinkin' greaser tries to wing him from the dark, we'll come down here and wipe your dirty little town off the map! That goes both ways from the jack!" He snapped his fingers under ...
— In the Shadow of the Hills • George C. Shedd

... he played good ball for a time, but his bad habits soon caused his downfall, just as they had caused the downfall of many good players before him, for it may be set down as an axiom that baseball and booze will not mix any better than will oil and water. The last time that I ever saw him was at an Eastern hotel barroom, and during the brief space of time that we conversed together he threw in enough whisky to put an ordinary man under the ...
— A Ball Player's Career - Being the Personal Experiences and Reminiscensces of Adrian C. Anson • Adrian C. Anson

... your case, Freddy?" asked Thomas, with the freemasonic familiarity of the damned—"Booze? That's mine. You don't look like a panhandler. Neither am I. A month ago I was pushing the lines over the backs of the finest team of Percheron buffaloes that ever made their mile down Fifth Avenue in 2.85. And look at me now! Say; how do you come to be ...
— Strictly Business • O. Henry

... gineration iv doctors has had their favrite remedies. Wanst people were cured iv fatal maladies be applications iv blind puppies, hair fr'm the skulls iv dead men an' solutions iv bat's wings, just as now they're cured be dhrinkin' a tayspoonful iv a very ordhinary article iv booze that's had some kind iv a pizenous ...
— Mr. Dooley Says • Finley Dunne

... to stay with us,' they said, and made me drink some more booze. 'You've come to die with us. ...
— One Man's Initiation—1917 • John Dos Passos

... ingurgitating another modicum of the royal booze, 'that it wouldn't be at all a disingenuous idea for a train robber to run down into this part of the country to hide for a spell. A sheep-ranch, now,' says I, 'would be the finest kind of a place. Who'd ever expect to find such a desperate character among these song-birds ...
— Options • O. Henry

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