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Bicker   /bˈɪkər/   Listen

(past & past part. bickered; pres. part. bickering)
Argue over petty things.  Synonyms: brabble, niggle, pettifog, quibble, squabble.

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"Bicker" Quotes from Famous Books

... noiseless by its thick covering of pine needles. It was dark in the wood; the fir trees towered in gloom above them; here and there in the deep of the branches there was the stir of a wing, as a pigeon settled to its nest; from beyond the wood came a brief, shrill bicker of starlings; all things beside these were mute, and in the silent dusk, spirit was sensitive to spirit, and the air was ...
— Mount Music • E. Oe. Somerville and Martin Ross

... the gear Is gone where glint the pawky een. And aye the stound is birkin lear Where sconnered yowies wheeped yestreen, The creeshie rax wi' skelpin' kaes Nae mair the howdie bicker whangs, Nor weanies in their wee bit claes Glour light as lammies ...
— The Book of Humorous Verse • Various

... woman, "This ugly goat Should never thus run at loose." Said the second, "I wish they'd cut the throat Of that noisy cackling goose." And so it happened when e'er that they Would meet each other upon the way They'd bicker and hicker the livelong day In the key of a ...
— Pepper & Salt - or, Seasoning for Young Folk • Howard Pyle

... brae reached the borders of the morass, where was a runnel of water and the remains of an old wall, on the other side of which a narrow path led across the swamp; upon this path at a little distance before me there was "a bicker". I pushed forward, but had scarcely crossed the ruined wall and runnel, when the party nearest to me gave way, and in great confusion came running in my direction. As they drew nigh, one of them shouted to me, "Wha are ye, mon? are ye o' the Auld Toon?" I made no answer. "Ha! ...
— Lavengro - The Scholar, The Gypsy, The Priest • George Borrow

... took us ten good years to do it. That's the wust.) Rom. The tyrant's ashes moulder on the plain. Rem. (You've said that once before. Say it again.) Rom. Remus, my blackguard brother, hold thy tongue. Rem. Romulus, may I be spared to see thee hung. Maidens. Alas! to see two brothers bicker thus is sad, Let's laugh and sport and turn to something glad. Mary Ann (blushing). I'll sing you a simple ballad if you like. (All shuddering). Good gracious! (Aside) Certainly, by all means. Mary Ann. How doth each naughty little lad Delight to snarl and bite, And ...
— Boycotted - And Other Stories • Talbot Baines Reed

Words linked to "Bicker" :   fence, spat, pettifoggery, quibble, dustup, contend, argue, run-in, row, words, brabble, quarrel, debate, wrangle

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