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Bang-up   /bæŋ-əp/   Listen

Very good.  Synonyms: bully, corking, cracking, dandy, great, groovy, keen, neat, nifty, not bad, peachy, slap-up, smashing, swell.  "A neat sports car" , "Had a great time at the party" , "You look simply smashing"

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"Bang-up" Quotes from Famous Books

... they will for such a bang-up program as we'll give them. Mamma and Cecile and Mrs. Sherrar and Frances will go; and Nancy and Marie, the girls. That makes six right there. Of course we can't charge Victor anything if he takes part. I bet Miss Truesdale would buy a ticket, too. You ask ...
— At the Little Brown House • Ruth Alberta Brown

... the latest," declared Bob, throwing himself into a chair, his face a puzzling mixture of soberness and satisfaction. "Say, Frank, I want to say one thing with all my heart—President Elliott is a bang-up good old man. I've been ashamed, near crying, sorry, glad, mad, and just about all knocked out in the last five minutes. Oh, that measly Banbury mob! And ...
— The Boys of Bellwood School • Frank V. Webster

... full effect upon her father, who was at times dimly conscious of his hopeless rusticity and its incongruity with his surroundings. "Yes," he said awkwardly, with a slight relaxation of his aggressive attitude; "yes, in course it's more bang-up style, but it don't pay—Rosey—it don't pay. Yer's the Pontiac that oughter be bringin' in, ez rents go, at least three hundred a month, don't make her taxes. I bin thinkin' ...
— Frontier Stories • Bret Harte

... to look as though you was gettin' some sense. You're gettin' reasonable. I reckon you'll be a bang-up girl, ...
— The Boss of the Lazy Y • Charles Alden Seltzer

... gone by—it do'n't seem five, I vow!— I fust called on Matildy—that's Matildy's mother now; I recollect I spent an hour a-tyin' my cravat, And I'd sent up ter town and bought a bang-up shiny hat. And, my! oh, my! them new plaid pants; well, wa'n't I something grand When I come up the walk with some fresh posies in my hand? And didn't I feel like a fool when her young brother, Joe, Sang out: "Gee crickets! Looky here! ...
— Cape Cod Ballads, and Other Verse • Joseph C. Lincoln

... lad, that we're sadly over-borne, and worse will come of it afore long. Block-printers is going to strike; they'n getten a bang-up Union, as won't let 'em be put upon. But there's many a thing will happen afore long, as folk don't expect. Yo may take ...
— Mary Barton • Elizabeth Gaskell

... a bang-up job, and Nick roared in laughter at evidences of the engineer's genius and those of wily Belial, the handsome court wag. The Propaganda Chief had added advertising at numerous new roadhouses along the way, and unwary shades traveling hellward gazed at beautiful ...
— Satan and the Comrades • Ralph Bennitt

... that the public was more alive on art matters than had been suspected; and when a South Boston liquor- dealer manifested a singular but unmistakable desire to be appointed on the America committee, he had been promptly suppressed with the information that this was to be "a regular bang-up, silver-top committee," and was forced to soothe his disappointed ambition with such consolation as lay in the promise that next time ...
— The Philistines • Arlo Bates

... I will mention that "bang-up" and "bumptious," and that class of expressions were her favorites, and the best-educated boy or girl will be able to imagine the rest. This story will show how a careless use of words brought Carrie to grief, and ...
— The Last of the Peterkins - With Others of Their Kin • Lucretia P. Hale

... a bang-up funeral," suggested Joe. "Spill a little booze and carve a board to put at his head. It's the least we can do ...
— The Huntress • Hulbert Footner

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