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Suffragist  n.  
One who possesses or exercises the political right of suffrage; a voter.
One who has certain opinions or desires about the political right of suffrage; as, a woman suffragist. "It is curious that... Louisa Castelefort should be obliged after her marriage immediately to open her doors and turn ultra liberal, or an universal suffragist."

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"Suffragist" Quotes from Famous Books

... story lived on the front page of all the newspapers, and speakers to address unions, meetings of strikers, women's clubs and churches were in constant demand. Here again, the suffragist and the socialist women showed where their sympathies lay and of what mettle they were made. Visiting speakers, such as Miss Margaret Bondfield and Mrs. Philip Snowden, took their turn also. The socialist women of Chicago issued ...
— The Trade Union Woman • Alice Henry

... Oregon to lecture at the request of the pioneer suffragist, Abigail Scott Duniway, she wrote Mrs. Stanton, who had left for the East, "As I rolled on the ocean last week feeling that the very next strain might swamp the ship, and thinking over all my sins of omission and commission, there was nothing undone which ...
— Susan B. Anthony - Rebel, Crusader, Humanitarian • Alma Lutz

... never told me before, Rose Mary, that you belong to the new-woman persuasion, with a college hall-mark and suffragist leanings. I have made the mistake of putting you in the home-guard brigade and classing you fifty years behind your times. Don't tell me you have an M.A. I can't stand ...
— Rose of Old Harpeth • Maria Thompson Daviess

... ever known, and that she had a rarely beautiful nature. Our departure for Michigan broke up the friendship, but I have never forgotten her; and whenever, in my later work as minister, physician, and suffragist, I have been able to help women of the class to which she belonged, I have mentally offered that help for credit in the tragic ledger of her life, in which the clean and the blotted pages were so strange ...
— The Story of a Pioneer - With The Collaboration Of Elizabeth Jordan • Anna Howard Shaw

... a hard position for a perfect gentleman, I want to please the ladies, but I don't see how I can, My present wife's a suffragist, and counts on my support, But my mother is an anti, of a rather biting sort; One grandmother is on the fence, the other much opposed, And my sister lives in Oregon, and thinks the question's closed; Each one is counting on my vote to represent her view. ...
— Are Women People? • Alice Duer Miller

... [Sp.], matron, dowager, goody, gammer^; Frau [G.], frow^, Vrouw [Du.], rani; good woman, good wife; squaw; wife &c (marriage) 903; matronage, matronhood^. bachelor girl, new woman, feminist, suffragette, suffragist. nymph, wench, grisette^; girl &c (youth) 129. [Effeminacy] sissy, betty, cot betty [U.S.], cotquean^, henhussy^, mollycoddle, muff, old woman. [Female animal] hen, bitch, sow, doe, roe, mare; she goat, Nanny goat, tabita; ewe, cow; lioness, tigress; vixen. gynecaeum^. ...
— Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: Body • Roget

... Veronica's evenings were also becoming very busy. She pursued her interest in the Socialist movement and in the Suffragist agitation in the company of Miss Miniver. They went to various central and local Fabian gatherings, and to a number of suffrage meetings. Teddy Widgett hovered on the fringe of all these gatherings, blinking ...
— Ann Veronica • H. G. Wells

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