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Ringlet  n.  
A small ring; a small circle; specifically, a fairy ring. "You demi-puppets, that By moonshine do the green sour ringlets make, Whereof the ewe not bites."
A curl; especially, a curl of hair. "(Her golden tresses) in wanton ringlets waved."

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"Ringlet" Quotes from Famous Books

... blood-horses had been sent round by ship from England; and she was always mounted on an animal whose every fibre seemed obedient to her thought, and with whose motion every line of her own tall and slenderly-rounded person, and every ringlet of her flowing, golden curls seemed in a correspondence governed by the very spirit of beauty. She rode with her rein loose, and her mind apparently absorbed with any thing but her horse. A turn of her head, or the pressure ...
— Graham's Magazine Vol XXXII No. 1 January 1848 • Various

... alive and merry my boys, Ven he get him frau And he vid her ringlet toys, As he take her paw. So drink, and call for vat you please, Until you hab your vack, boys; Ve'll think no more of angry seas, Till ve standen ...
— Snarley-yow - or The Dog Fiend • Frederick Marryat

... ringlet from a beautiful woman. She answered, that she had just found a grey hair among her locks, and could now give then away no more. The ...
— Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. CCCXXXIX. January, 1844. Vol. LV. • Various

... mebbe," suggested Boylston, picking it up and opening it. It was gold; fine, yellow, and brilliant, but not the sort of gold the dead man's friends were seeking, for it was a ringlet of hair. ...
— Romance of California Life • John Habberton

... sweet Laura!" replied I, still playing with the glossy ringlet. "Even your fair hand could not manage a curl more delicately than mine. I propose myself the pleasure of doing up your hair in papers every evening at the same time with ...
— Mosses from an Old Manse and Other Stories • Nathaniel Hawthorne

... golden hair, One ringlet gently shred; And then, within a costly shroud, She wrapped ...
— Withered Leaves from Memory's Garland • Abigail Stanley Hanna

... Rutherford, begging that a lock of his lost and now forgiven darling's hair might be sent to him; and it cost Horace a sharp pang of regret when he substituted for the black, wavy tress furnished by Clement a golden ringlet purchased from one of the leading ...
— Not Pretty, But Precious • John Hay, et al.

... he sighed, still with that ringlet in his lifted hand, his hand which wanted palpably to settle upon her and yet was withheld by some strange inhibition of those fixed, helpless eyes. "Who knows—perhaps I may forgive you yet? You ...
— The Fortieth Door • Mary Hastings Bradley

... Charlecote, and let her seat him upon her knee, listening to her very complacently, but gazing very hard all the time at her, till at last, with an experimental air, he stretched one hand and stroked the broad golden ringlet that hung near him, evidently to satisfy himself whether it really was hair. Then he found his way to her watch, a pretty little one from Geneva, with enamelled flowers at the back, which so struck his fancy that he called out, 'Cilly, look!' The temptation drew the little girl nearer, ...
— Hopes and Fears - scenes from the life of a spinster • Charlotte M. Yonge

... was her tresses by the breathing air Were wreathed to many a ringlet golden bright, Time was her eyes diffused unmeasured light, Though now their lovely beams are waxing rare, Her face methought that in its blushes show'd Compassion, her angelic shape and walk, Her voice that seem'd with Heaven's ...
— The Sonnets, Triumphs, and Other Poems of Petrarch • Petrarch

... he was, the cord he drew, Through every ringlet levelling his view: Then notch'd the shaft, released, and gave it wing; The whizzing arrow vanished from the string, Sung on direct, and threaded every ring. The solid gate its fury scarcely bounds; Pierced through and through the ...
— The Odyssey of Homer • Homer, translated by Alexander Pope

... She knotted one ringlet. Syne knotted she twain, And sang—lo! thick darkness Dropp'd down on the main— She knotted three ringlets, Syne knotted she nine, A tempest stoop'd sudden And sharp on the brine, And away flew the boat— There's a damsel in Larg Will ...
— The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction No. 485 - Vol. 17, No. 485, Saturday, April 16, 1831 • Various

... the ceremonial was long, for the master of it insisted on translating the Hebrew into jargon, phrase by phrase; but no one found it tedious, especially after supper. Pesach was there, hand in hand with Fanny, their wedding very near now; and Becky lolled royally in all her glory, aggressive of ringlet, insolently unattached, a conscious beacon of bedazzlement to the pauper Pollack we last met at Reb Shemuel's Sabbath table, and there, too, was Chayah, she of the ill-matched legs. Be sure that Malka had returned the clothes-brush, and was throned in ...
— Children of the Ghetto • I. Zangwill

... sudorific, and very efficacious in a cold. I must not forget to mention that I slept on some straw, in a kind of hay-oft, and to the best of my memory never slept more delightfully. When I opened my razor case on the following morning, I found a paper, upon unrolling of which I found a ringlet of hair, with the word Felice on the envelope. Once for all, the French women can think of nothing but gallantry, and live for nothing but love. Sweet girl, I will keep thy ringlet, and when weary of the world, will remember thee, and acknowledge ...
— Travels through the South of France and the Interior of Provinces of Provence and Languedoc in the Years 1807 and 1808 • Lt-Col. Pinkney

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