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Replication   Listen
Replication  n.  
An answer; a reply. "Withouten any repplicacioun."
(Law Pleadings) The reply of the plaintiff, in matters of fact, to the defendant's plea.
Return or repercussion, as of sound; echo. "To hear the replication of your sounds."
A repetition; a copy.
(Biochem.) The copying, by enzymes, of a cell's genome, i.e. the DNA or RNA comprising its genetic material, so as to form an identical genome. This is an essential step in the division of one cell into two. This differs from transcription, which is the copying of only part of the genetic information of a cell's genome into RNA, as in the processes of biosynthesis of messenger RNA or ribosomal RNA.
Synonyms: Answer; response; reply; rejoinder.

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"Replication" Quotes from Famous Books

... if you will descend so far as to reply to my present answer. I know you have been used in controversies to have the last word, and in this I shall not baulk your ambition; for notwithstanding any defect of my plea in favour of atheism I mean to join issue upon your replication, and by no means, according to the practice and language of the lawyers, to put in a rejoinder. Should your arguments be defectively answered by me, should your learning and your reasoning be more conspicuous than mine, I shall bear your triumph ...
— Answer to Dr. Priestley's Letters to a Philosophical Unbeliever • Matthew Turner

... never so jealous, nor so wroth. And therefore I you put in this degree, That each of you shall have his destiny As *him is shape*; and hearken in what wise *as is decreed for him* Lo hear your end of that I shall devise. My will is this, for plain conclusion Withouten any replication*, *reply If that you liketh, take it for the best, That evereach of you shall go where *him lest*, *he pleases Freely without ransom or danger; And this day fifty weekes, *farre ne nerre*, *neither more nor less* Evereach of you shall bring an hundred knights, Armed for listes up at alle rights ...
— The Canterbury Tales and Other Poems • Geoffrey Chaucer

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