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Piffle  v. i.  (past & past part. piffled; pres. part. piffling)  
To be sequeamish or delicate; hence, to act or talk triflingly or ineffectively; to talk nonsense or about trivial matters; to twaddle; piddle. (Dial. or Slang)
Synonyms: chatter, palaver, prate, tittle-tattle, twaddle, clack, maunder, prattle, gibber, tattle, blabber, gabble.
To act in a trivial or ineffective way.

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"Piffle" Quotes from Famous Books

... course, Denny and Dicky went and did the same. Oswald wishes that the word "kiss" might never be spoken again in this world. Not that he minded kissing Mrs. Red House's hand in the least, especially as she seemed to think it was nice of him to—but the whole thing is such contemptible piffle. ...
— New Treasure Seekers - or, The Bastable Children in Search of a Fortune • E. (Edith) Nesbit

... in silence. Tudie was full of scorn. Amelie's arguments were piffle or worse to her, and her willingness to undergo "martyrdom" for them was the most arrant pigheadedness, as the martyrdom of ...
— In a Little Town • Rupert Hughes

... 'Rot! Piffle!' they interjected. One man called out: 'I'd have some respect for you if you'd carried a bomb into the House of Commons, but a miserable little ...
— The Convert • Elizabeth Robins

... of the First Part—many other gifts of the particular class of artist are shown. The dangerous letter-scheme, which lends itself so easily, and in the other parts surrenders itself so helplessly and hopelessly, to mere "piffle" about this and that, is kept well in hand. Much as Rousseau owes to Richardson, he has steered entirely clear of that system of word-for-word and incident-for-incident reporting which makes the Englishman's work so sickening to some. You have enough of each and no more, this happy mean affecting ...
— A History of the French Novel, Vol. 1 - From the Beginning to 1800 • George Saintsbury

... "Piffle! Being an old friend doesn't make you look at a girl as if you wanted to take a bite out of her. Mark my word, Miss Harrison, she'll never finish her training; she'll marry him. I wish," concluded the probationer plaintively, "that some good-looking ...
— K • Mary Roberts Rinehart

... draperies, the pictures, and the drawings on the wall. Whenever his eye rested on one signed by Hilary Vance he sniffed a bitter, contemptuous sniff. For these he had but three words of criticism; they were: "Rot!" "Rubbish!" and "Piffle!" ...
— Happy Pollyooly - The Rich Little Poor Girl • Edgar Jepson

... designs here and there, and cudgelled her brains for inspiration. There must be a girl, of course—a girl heroine, blonde and lovely, and an adventuress (brunette), and a hero. But she did not intend to write a love story—that was piffle. Something really thrilling and dangerous! She mentally ran over a list of misadventures—fire, flood, shipwreck. She had read of them all dozens of times over; and, mentioned in a synopsis, they would have quite an ...
— Etheldreda the Ready - A School Story • Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey

Words linked to "Piffle" :   prate, hokum, speak, meaninglessness, blather, tattle, gabble, nonsensicality, blabber, tittle-tattle, fiddle-faddle, do, blither, verbalize, talk, act, nonsense, babble, balderdash, palaver, verbalise, gibber, blether, maunder, prattle, bunk

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