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Phytology  n.  The science of plants; a description of the kinds and properties of plants; botany.

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Words linked to "Phytology" :   lip, basal, autophytic, ligneous, palaeobotany, acarpelous, paniculate, dissilience, staminate, cancellated, chlamydeous, calyx, smooth, rugose, alliaceous, ascosporic, aroid, ascosporous, estivation, clathrate, embryo, phloem, arillate, biological science, scapose, aggregate, growth regulator, simple, rolled, etiolation, aestivation, bast, calyceal, plant kingdom, single, unsubdivided, bullate, asclepiadaceous, fastigiate, basiscopic, lithophytic, bicapsular, germ tube, heterotrophic, umbelliferous, callus, dextrorsal, cambial, monoclinous, autogamous, vernation, basidiomycetous, lobe, spike, peristome, foliolate, autogamic, corolla, ariled, plant life, plant, root, diclinous, apogamous, panicled, acropetal, acyclic, scurf, cancellate, radical, autotrophic, homostylous, cymose, botany, axillary, trifid, style, pitcher, acarpellous, composite, aerial, kingdom Plantae, two-year, epiphytic, ligule, racemose, squamulose, paired, apomictic, comose, araceous, basidiosporous, pentamerous, paleobotany, sporulate, archesporial, sinistrorsal, inward-developing, sinistrorse, venation, perennial, blister, umbelliform, apomictical, phytologist, plant hormone, brachiate, endogamic, pomology, archegonial, division, pteridology, stemmed, alar, arthrosporic, biennial, self-pollinating, indeterminate, leaf node, exogamic, annual, phellem, papilla, arthrosporous, determinate, phyllodial, rough, apogamic, apophysis, archegoniate, apothecial, leafing, cauline, acroscopic, capsular, acaulescent, cohesion, carpellate, torulose, comate, basifixed, bryophytic, antheral, terete, comal, achlamydeous, double, corona, two-lipped, aphyllous, capsulate, dextrorse, bilabiate, algology, taproot, myrmecophytic, phytohormone, bifid, natural scientist, naturalist, axial, cyclic, involute, endogamous, biology, calycine, cork, homostylic, convolute, apogametic, cruciferous, apogamy, alternate, stemless, involucrate, capsulated

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