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Lacuna, Lacunae  n.  (pl. L. lacunae; E. lacunas)  
A small opening; a small pit or depression; a small blank space; a gap or vacancy; a hiatus.
(Biol.) A small opening; a small depression or cavity; a space, as a vacant space between the cells of plants, or one of the spaces left among the tissues of the lower animals, which serve in place of vessels for the circulation of the body fluids, or the cavity or sac, usually of very small size, in a mucous membrane.

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"Lacuna" Quotes from Famous Books

... raging pen Next craves a rhyme to "sooner;" Rejecting "Spooner," (best of men,) He fastens on LACUNA(R). Nay, worse, in his infatuate mind He ends a line "explainer," Nor any rhyme can G-y find Until ...
— New Collected Rhymes • Andrew Lang

... one hold act of faith or of imagination, we project the content of our own individual soul into the circle of every other possible "soul," including the "souls" of such phenomenal vortices of matter as those from which historic evolution takes its start, this impossible gulf or "lacuna" dividing the human scene from all previous "scenes" is immediately bridged; and the whole stream of material sense-impression flows forward, in parallel and consonant congruity, with the underlying creative energy ...
— The Complex Vision • John Cowper Powys

... you mercy for a lacuna at the outset. I know not what had knitted and blackened the brows of certain two speeding eastward through London, enhansomed, on the night of the feast of St. Box: alter, Geoffrey Dizzard, called "The Honourable," lieu-tenant in the Guards of Edward the Peace ...
— A Christmas Garland • Max Beerbohm

... and the imperfections of my work. I have not been able to study as much as should be done the innumerable works which treat of the same subject. Others, better versed than myself in the literature of the subject, will be able later on to fill this regrettable lacuna. I have endeavored, above all things, to study the question from all points of view, in order to avoid the errors which result from any study which is made from one point of view only. This is a thing which ...
— The Sexual Question - A Scientific, psychological, hygienic and sociological study • August Forel

... [92] The lacuna at this point—sections 10 to 14 inclusive—with some duplications and other peculiarities in numbering, are precisely ...
— The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898: Volume XVIII, 1617-1620 • Various

... is perhaps, almost unavoidably, a lacuna or gap in her information. The Euahlayi, she says, certainly do not possess the Dieri and Urabunna custom of Pirrauru or Piraungaru, by which married, and unmarried men, of the classes men and women which may intermarry, are solemnly allotted to each other as more or less permanent paramours. ...
— The Euahlayi Tribe - A Study of Aboriginal Life in Australia • K. Langloh Parker

... church, for Mr. Munro, who kindly collated this passage for me, informs me that the C. C. C. MS. gives distinctly aedem where the editor has left a lacuna. ...
— Chips From A German Workshop. Vol. III. • F. Max Mueller

... spirits rap in the Australian Bush, among blacks not influenced by modern spiritualism: why tables moved, untouched, in Thibet and India, long before 'table-turning' was heard of in modern Europe. We have filled up the lacuna in the doctor's argument, by suggesting that the phenomena (which are not such as a civilised taste would desire) were invented by savages, and handed on in an unbroken ...
— Cock Lane and Common-Sense • Andrew Lang

... of a poet, a soul of white fire, fed by bread and raisins; yet Shelley's last manuscripts are full of lacunae and erasures, some of which have had to be reproduced perforce ...
— Without Prejudice • Israel Zangwill

... the fleece of the honey-gatherers. It was reserved for the distinguished English naturalist Newport to show that this supposed Louse was the first state of the Oil-beetles. Some observations of my own will fill a few lacunae in the English scientist's monograph. I will therefore sketch the evolution of the Oil-beetles, using Newport's work where my own observations are defective. In this way the Sitares and the Meloes, alike in habits and transformations, ...
— The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles • Jean Henri Fabre

... and these lacunae are serious, however they originate, as the public is beginning to realise.[18] It is perfectly natural that the ideas of this or that social or political party, in one or other of the belligerent nations, should conflict with the ideas of this or that journal in a neutral land. No one ...
— The Forerunners • Romain Rolland

... and had as helpers only a few freedmen and soldiers [lacuna] and Emesenian senators [lacuna] pretending that he was a natural son of Tarautas and arraying him in clothing which the latter had worn when a child, Caesar by the [lacunae] introduced into the camp at night, without the knowledge of his mother or his grandmother, and at dawn on the sixteenth of May he persuaded the soldiers, who were eager to get some starting-point for an uprising, to ...
— Dio's Rome, Vol VI. • Cassius Dio

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