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Closure  n.  
The act of shutting; a closing; as, the closure of a chink.
That which closes or shuts; that by which separate parts are fastened or closed. "Without a seal, wafer, or any closure whatever."
That which incloses or confines; an inclosure. "O thou bloody prison... Within the guilty closure of thy walls Richard the Second here was hacked to death."
A conclusion; an end. (Obs.)
(Parliamentary Practice) A method of putting an end to debate and securing an immediate vote upon a measure before a legislative body. It is similar in effect to the previous question. It was first introduced into the British House of Commons in 1882. The French word clôture was originally applied to this proceeding.
(Math.) The property of being mathematically closed under some operation; said of sets.
(Math.) The intersection of all closed sets containing the given set.
(Psychol.) Achievement of a sense of completeness and release from tension due to uncertainty; as, the closure afforded by the funeral of a loved one; also, the sense of completion thus achieved.

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"Closure" Quotes from Famous Books

... fresh measure in the interest of the public. Yesterday the Prefect of Police issued an order forbidding the sale of absinthe in the cafs under pain of immediate closure, and again called the attention of motorists to the regulations ...
— Paris War Days - Diary of an American • Charles Inman Barnard

... Lushington stood still where Margaret had left them. Then Lushington looked at his adversary coolly for about four seconds, stuck his hands into his pockets, turned his back and deliberately walked off without a word. Logotheti was so little prepared for such an abrupt closure that he stood looking after the Englishman in surprise till the latter had made ...
— Fair Margaret - A Portrait • Francis Marion Crawford

... had married Anne Wintermute—he needed all he could find of cheer in those depressing days. The whole town was beaten to its knees by loss and fore-closure. Lane was struggling to hold together his paper, and save his friend's investment and his own little stake. The one bright interlude of that time for him lay in reading, and in his new friendships. He loved to chant aloud to a group of stranded young fellows gathered ...
— The Letters of Franklin K. Lane • Franklin K. Lane

... BALFOUR and Mr. ASQUITH, though well worth hearing, were hardly needed to complete the rout of the Pacifists; and, in the division on the Closure, the men who are prepared (in Mr. FABER'S pungent phrase) "to take the bloody hand of Germany" made a ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 153, Nov. 14, 1917 • Various

... orifice, eyelet, crevice, loophole, interstice, gap, spiracle, vent, bung, pothole, manhole, scuttle, scupper, muset, muse; cave, holt, den, lair, retreat, cover, hovel, burrow. Antonyms: imperforation, closure. Associated words: auger, drill, gimlet, bodkin, bore, bit, puncture, perforate, pink, awl, stylet, imperforable, imperforate, punch, wimble, pierce, eyeleteer, dibble, plug, spigot, spile, gouge, ...
— Putnam's Word Book • Louis A. Flemming

... voice-box. Sound vibrations are represented issuing from the larynx, and here they become modified by the resonator; the throat portion of the resonator is shown continuous with the nasal passages; the mouth portion of the resonator is not in action, owing to the closure of the jaw and lips. The white spaces in the bones of the skull are air sinuses. In such a condition of the resonator, as in humming a tune, the sound waves must issue by the nasal passages, and therefore they acquire a ...
— The Brain and the Voice in Speech and Song • F. W. Mott

... confirmed with excellent success: Bare some of the master-roots of a vigorous tree within a foot of the trunk, or there abouts, and with your axe make several chops, putting a small stone into every cleft, to hinder their closure, and give access to the wet; then cover them with three or four inch-thick of earth; and thus they will send forth suckers in abundance, (I assure you one single elm thus well ordered, is a fair nursery) which after two or three years, you may ...
— Sylva, Vol. 1 (of 2) - Or A Discourse of Forest Trees • John Evelyn

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